How has the policy of outsourcing and allowing foreign workers into this country “outsource” all our wealth?

Whenever you or your country lowers something to get something for less, you outsource the opulence within you, the country, and the world. Today, all you hear about is “lower this, lower that,” however, whenever a country lowers the quality of their products for money, the GDP and the net wealth of the country goes down – limiting the flow of wealth, creating a depression or recession. How do you see outsourcing as a depletion of personal wealth and wealth throughout individual countries?

International trade is essential but doing so for the “creep of cheap” lowers the vibrational essence of the world. Whenever you do something on the “creep of the cheap,” has it backfired and cost YOU more money? It has me!!!

Today all the countries, cities, and people are entrenched with debt and sinking like the Titanic, but the greatest asset is the people of the world. This world and its people carry around the “sprain brained hopelessness” that you have to be college educated in order to be successful. That is a lie!

So now we must untie the lie of societies’ insanity and get rid of the same ridiculous mindset that binds the mind into thinking: “I have to go to college to be successful or get a job.” Remember this… all the politicians and business leaders who have led us down this path are college educated. So now do you understand the sea the selfishness that the college education system puts forth, as well a the nose that is thrust in the air as our feet stink of the ego that has stymied the world?

How does this open out a newborn prodigy? If all the talk show hosts, media commentators, CEOs, Middle-to-Top Executive Managers stayed home for thirty days, would the day-to-day world still function? Yes! There would be glitches (as always, if they went to work) but the world would still move forward. However, if all the hourly workers stayed home would the country move forward? Not a chance! The country and the world would be on shutdown – a complete lock-down until the strong backs of their workers returned.

When you outsource a manufacturing plant all the innovation, remodels, jobs and so much invisible economic equity and the stability of a country, is obtusely outsourced. When somebody loses a job to outsourcing that job is lost forever… and that is the real challenge today. When a $50,000 dollar-a-year job is outsourced, that $50,000 is lost to the economy forever. What some people don’t know is that $50,000 actually equals $300,000 because every dollar circulates six times through the economy. When you multiply that – $300,000 times a million – equals about 300 trillion dollars. Just because somebody gets a new job the money from the outsourced job is STILL gone forever.

If outsourcing created jobs we would now be in an economic boom… but we aren’t. There are all the negative aspects of outsourcing and international trade. Is it the outsourcing or the people of the world who don’t understand how to expand through, and utilize, the golden opportunity that is being presented to the people? All the manufacturing that left is gone, but now India is outsourcing jobs back to the United States because our labor is cheaper than theirs. Go Figure.

Here is the bigger picture: How can you involve your intuitive innovation into the worldly stage in order to expand the wealth of the world while enhancing your own cash-flow? Are you willing to expand your wisdom about the world economy to enhance your cash flow?

The world is asking for your innovative resolve to expand the world out of this economic, moral, and ethical meltdown that the world is experiencing today. The world is briskly begging for common sense to step forth and open out a new moral and ethical landscape, freeing the economic scenery so that people can enjoy a quality life. Today the communities of the world are struggling because people are struggling with communal communication. If people learn to listen, communicate, and expand through a worldly wisdom of lively optimism, everybody can be freed from a secrecy constriction that is subliminally delivered. The “self-educated” will lead this world back to ethics, morals, honor and economic vitality. How are you open to self-educating yourself?
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