Reality is what 80% of the population exist upon. Reality, truth, the idea of – “if it looks like a duck, and walks like a duck, then it’s a duck.”

I have seen the rolling of the eyes and heard the sighs when people begin to speak about things like chakras, spiritualism, hypnosis…it’s as if their brainwaves suddenly say, “Oh, come on. Can we just get back to reality, please?” You know how I know this. Do I read minds? Nope. I am one of those realists. Therefore, the rolling of the eyes and the sighs used to come from me.

Then, I met Robert Wilson.

Being a writer, I am all for the creative and the imagination. I LOVE stories that whisk you away to locales that have never been seen or heard about before. I love the historical clues, myths, and legends that people use to engage others’ creative minds. I also believe in a ‘higher power.’ I believe in heaven and angels – which many would assume is a ridiculous notion, as well. But without faith, life would be a whole heck of a lot harder than it is now. And I never speak about religion because there are many; and religion, like politics, is a topic of conversation that usually leads to an argument. Therefore, I believe that everyone should believe in what makes them the happiest. After all, it’s not my place to sit in judgment of anyone.

But in order to be completely honest with all of you, I always thought the idea of chakras, or spiritual teaching, hypnosis, life coaching – I always thought these were commercial views to sell to the public for money. But I was wrong.

Robert Wilson has a menu of abilities, talents and skills to help others. He has a variety of titles including:

As a realist, I went into his teachings, CDs, books, etc. with a pessimistic mind and, oddly enough, came out with a knowledge and hope that I didn’t actually believe possible. Which is why this day, this article, is a note to all of you fellow realists, pessimists, and people who are simply fed up with the world that is going on around you, from one of your own – me. This is a note that introduces an incredible man who has actually proven to have the wisdom that we are missing.

In another article I went through the history of Hypnotherapy – what it is, where it began, and what it supposedly does. In this article, I want to give you all a lesson in these chakras that everyone keeps talking about, and how these ‘pieces’ of our souls, spirits, and body’s take all the stress, weight and tension of this world that makes it absolutely impossible to breathe. We’re too wrapped up in the search for the almighty dollar, and can’t seem to realize that WE – our own SELF – needs to be happy in order to make others happy. Simple concept, right? But simplicity and common sense are things we just don’t seem to be able to find anymore. The world is not only difficult – we are making it more so with our pessimism.

Chakras are a concept that came from Hinduism and Buddhism. It refers to the circles of energy that are believed to exist in the bodies of all living beings. The chakras are said to be “force centers,” and are seen as the receptors and transmitters of our inner energy. No, this is not supposed to sound ‘guru-esque,’ this is actually true.

Think about it from the reality standpoint. Our brains control everything – thoughts, ideas, movements, health, imaginations, creativity, ideals, manners – everything that we do, learn, feel and abide by, comes from the brain. So just think of all the things that are up there – everything we learned as children, the lessons we’ve learned as adults, not to mention the words on the news, the horrific pictures of war, pain… all of this exists inside that brain that is working 24/7 to keep us alive and on the right track.

There is energy in that brain – there are electric currents running through that organ to keep us learning, moving, and existing. Now, take something simple like a foot massage. You relax – which means something in that particular area of your body is attached to the brain. That movement calms and soothes something inside your brain, and allows you to take a moment of peace.

What if that is a chakra – one of the centers of activity that receives and transmit’s a ‘message’ to the brain which allows it to take a break? One of the biggest causes of death is tension – heart attacks, strokes, etc. The tension and stress of the world is attacking us like the proverbial werewolf every single day we walk out into the mire. And our brains actually choose what information to keep and what to toss out, in order for us to go on with our lives. Think about it. With all that work, the brain gets just as tired as the body does when it runs up a mountain. It needs time to relax, regroup, and rest.

Having someone who knows this concept – whether it be by touch, sense, smell, sight, or voice – allows our chakras to send the ‘message’ to the brain that it is okay to relax, causing the weight of the world to lift off of our shoulders for a brief time. Think of it as a vacation for the brain. The energy you feel is extraordinary; it is almost like electrical impulses rush through the body when someone who KNOWS what they’re doing, and cares about what they’re saying, speaks to you.

Robert Wilson and his incredible company, Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching, offers books, CD’s, motivational speaking events, articles, hypnotherapy – everything you can imagine, to allow us the chance to CALM DOWN. Robert Wilson has a way, with just his voice, to be able to give us the ‘permission’ to open our minds and receive a new message – a message that may just stop that stroke or heart attack from happening.

Robert Wilson allows us to get out of own way. With chakras, meditation, hypnotherapy – he fills our mind with complete and utter honesty which makes things, suddenly, clear. He takes away all the ridiculousness that life has placed in front of our face – and, again, on our shoulders – and shows us a path that will not only allow us to feel better, but how to actually make that almighty dollar without losing ourselves in the process.

I mentioned in a recent article that enlightenment is real. Robert Wilson is no commercial advertisement with a 1-800 number who says that if you send in thousands of dollars, his book and CD will bring you millions. No, this is not a man who is a scam or parlor trick. And you can take that to the bank, because a seriously pessimistic person is right now telling you the truth.

It will also come as a surprise to many that the people and icons you respect, from Andrew Carnegie to Sigmund Freud; from Presidents to the best doctor on your block, BELIEVE in the power of chakras, energy, and spiritualism. Robert Wilson has found a way to enlighten the masses without making us feel like we’re joining some weird mission or cult. No, this is a man who has wisdom – and has found a way for us to strip ourselves of the limitation that we have put on ourselves.

Whether you are a believer in the mental, mystical, spiritual, physical – doesn’t matter. Because all you need to do is take five minutes out of that pessimistic day of yours to listen to something this man has to say. You WILL feel that renewed energy and that sense of peace, and you WILL be able to do the one thing that my grandfather always said people should do – LIVE while you’re alive!

Amy Lignor
The Writer Companion

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