How is when you say I will take a chance actually disillusionment and have an excuse to quit before you start?

How do you feel when you say I will take a chance on that?

How do you feel when you say I see an opportunity?

Chance is creating havoc apathetic nothingness evaporating all intuitive innovation because of seeing the opportunity you are searching out excuses to quit. How do you say I will take a chance on that?

When I say opportunity I am engaging my willing warrior opening-my prosperity-eyes purposely optimizing real tantalizing undaunted newborn innovation televising Yule Tide wisdom to expand people to energize their enterprising wise to open their entrepreneurial eyes to see the world as a field of ripe cherries ripe for the picking. Life is about energizing our inner enterprising entrepreneur galvanizing our get and go to expand the wealth of the world. The world has become complacent and always chasing chances rather than seeking and seeing the opportunities in the world. How do you take chances rather than seek the opportunities?

Have you noticed those that energize there cash flow have an ever expanding cash flow because they understand the frequency of wealth and success. Pessimistic people are always whining about those that have wealth because they are always baiting themselves into waiting for somebody else to do it for them. Today expanding wealth in another person is looked upon as a weakness instead of strength. Are you open to energizing wealth in others?How will you feel when you expand wealth in others with your wisdom?

Opportunity success and wealth open out with being involved with people realizing people that you encounter is actually actuating newborn acumen unlocking your opulent opportunities to electrify your cascading cash flow. Those willing to win by expand thru out and into a parvenu paradigm see the world as opportunity and everybody else has a lottery mentality. The lottery mentality is a liability because the lottery mentality avoids your wealth wisdom expansion in the inner landscape. When you engage in your intrepid sagaciousness you open your savant sagacity to see your designed opportunities to see you as a champion living a championship lifestyle. How are you the champion in your life?

Opportunities abound all around but they don’t ring your doorbell to sit on your couch to or in the victim-I-tice apathy that is binds the mind with all the sin-a-cynics’ from within the fake and bake tutelage from our beginning of time till now. Opening my opportunity eyes unleashing my entrepreneurial wise authorizes my soothsayer pioneer light up. My trailblazing gallantry gallops across low lands to the apex of new mountain-top thaumaturgy (miracles) revving-up Yule Tide energy to feel the breezes of bold revolutionizing enterprising energies zealously ennobling superstar talent.

Unlock my omniscient oracle to optimize my opportunities because I robustly trust my adroit abilities to engage in my core prophesizing philosopher seeking my innermost premier seer. To speak energetically emblaze real time trails into the opportunity incognita which as adventure into the land of unrealized wisdom within your entrepreneurial scenery. To see that wealth grows in mother earth expands in the ethers of the universe from Mother Nature and is enjoyed on the physical plane by inhabitants on earth to relish the their desires with everything and everybody being in hands of God in their way in the right way in a loving way under grace in a perfect way and in Divine Order.

When you let go so being worried about staining your ego you open a new way to live and be as alive as a beehive to relish your daily life. To move life in an adventurous trailblazing way you will get you clothes dirty rile up your egotistical varmint sending into hiding with angry crusty disgust because it is mad as a hornet realizing it is no longer in charge is being discharged into oblivion. How are you afraid to stain your ego with white light wisdom? The ego loves the insane of the same then inflaming shame by blaming everything and everybody for your circumstances? How are you willing to stain your ego to expand out of your egotistical values?

Three questions:

Three Affirmations:

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