Talk radio was, once upon a time, the ultimate draw for the American public. And the interviewer that has always drawn the most audience members in is the amazing author and storyteller, Garrison Keillor, best known as the host of the famous public radio show, A Prairie Home Companion.

We speak about this particular subject today for the simple fact that, although there have been other radio show hosts that have come and gone, there has been no one to even come close to the interviewer and storyteller that Keillor is…until now. Over the past few months we have been speaking each week about truly stunning CD’s that are helping people health-wise and wealth-wise that have been composed by a man I would classify as magic. Why magical? Because his voice has that sincere old-world charm, and every word – every expression – that is given to listeners’ comes from the heart of this incredible speaker.

You know what I mean, people. There are radio networks, news hosts and hostesses, that you find you can trust and rely upon because of their mannerisms, voice and the fact that they KNOW their job, and when they speak, they speak the truth. But there are very few left. When this writer first came across Robert Wilson – with his amazing company Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching – I was actually truly excited to hear him, his CDs and his Talk Radio Show based on Cowboy Wisdom.

When you look at television sets or listen to radio programs you hear strangers give you advice on topics, or try to sell you products, etc. Their voices have that ‘tone’ of a used-car salesman at times, and you find yourself automatically turned off by the delivery. Especially with radio – because you are relying on a voice only; you can’t look the person square in the eyes to see ‘who blinks first,’ so to speak, in order to know that they are filled with the integrity you’re looking for in a speaker.

But after listening to Robert Wilson and his powerful interview skills I was taken in, and was able to look at life a different way than I had been. He was a voice in the mist, or darkness, or the hectic daily life that we all have, and his words made sense. He introduced his listeners to new concepts, new ideas, new plans – and now he has been bringing on guests from creative industries like writers, and is soon to branch out into musical guests, as well as industry professionals that could help the up-and-coming author. The best part? During these interviews Robert Wilson has a way of making you feel relaxed, at home and happy, and he has the ability to make these celebrities into rea’ people with real feelings. He calms his guests down so much that they begin to sound like excited children in a way – like they’ve dropped the ‘facade’ that they’ve been taught to wear, and they delve into what makes them truly happy – WHY they decided to write or sing, and the heart and soul suddenly comes through from them. Just like with Keillor, Robert Wilson has a way of becoming a ‘friend’ and ‘storyteller’ as he speaks and brings guests to life.

But there is another skill that comes through. I have to add in the category of interviewing that I swear only Barbara Walters seems to own. Unlike the calm, relaxing connotations of Keillor, she has that power, honor and integrity that has been built up over decades of interviewing the biggest and, sometimes, most frightening people across the globe. Her strength, courage and charisma was introduced to the nation during a time when it was believed that nobody would take a woman seriously reporting the “hard news,” yet Walters’ scoop interviews included everyone from Michael Jackson to seriously powerful people such as Anwar Al Sadat, Cuba’s Fidel Castro, and China’s Jiang Zemin.

Her brand of personality journalism combined with the calmness of Keillor’s entertainment philosophy is what makes Robert Wilson the new man on the radio that must be heard. In fact, after sitting with Robert Wilson for a half hour show, he will become THE radio program you will want to listen to all week, with each new show bringing a new guest from a different walk of life, or a new concept, idea, or plan to make our own life better by expanding your wisdom and your wealth – either way a completely perfect union.

Not only does Robert Wilson preside over this fantastic radio show, but this is also a man – like the other two interviewers and storytellers mentioned – who puts together amazingly thoughtful CD’s and writes books that are clear to the reader. Books that literally present each and every one of us with a ‘new’ path and understanding of the one we’re currently on, to make our lives even more bountiful than they already are. AND, luckily enough, this is not a man of drama. Robert Wilson does not spend time on his radio show, or in his other pursuits, compounding the negatives that we see and hear each day. He takes away all that darkness and offers listeners’ a powerful presentation that includes the perfect blend of entertainment and wisdom.

One other thing that should be known immediately is that Robert Wilson is a learned man, who comes to the public with a variety of degrees and skills that some may not even believe in, but you become a believer about ten minutes into the very first program you hear. Why is that? Again, integrity. Robert Wilson makes you trust him, and you should. This is one of those treasures that have not been impeded or coerced by the ridiculousness in this world like wealth and power. He is a forthright human being who very much wants to help people, and bring other creative types into his listeners’ lives so they can see what a fantastic world imagination and talent can bring.

To join with the literal flock of people who are falling head over heels for this radio program, as well as the amazingly talented interviewer, Robert Wilson, all you need to do is tune in to the Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching Radio Show.

Very soon, as you all with find out, Robert Wilson will be spoken about in the realm of the perfect interviewers, right alongside the ‘scoops’ of Walters and the down-home pride and integrity of Mr. Keillor.

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