The decision is not how, but when will you authorize the $10,000,000 million check to be in your bank. Can you imagine filling out the deposit slip, and endorsing the back in your name to you?

Ever feel as though someone knows the secret to health, wealth and success and if only they could share the steps with you; you would have this information and utilize it too?

Exceedingly, abundantly, bold, motivated, action-oriented, humbly- ordained gunfighters all have certain traits and share commonalities that link their success.

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Robert Wilson’s Wave of Success

Over the past few months, we have been speaking about a truly brilliant mind who works in the world of Hypnotherapy. In fact, this is but one of the skills that Robert Wilson has to his name. If you remember, other titles such as Certified Professional Coach; Regression Specialist (which basically is a trained specialist in the areas of anxiety, depression, and the blockades that people put upon themselves) are also skill sets of Robert Wilson. His motivational speaking techniques are monumentally interesting as well as beyond helpful, and the fact that he is also a Reiki Master – a true spiritualist – as well as a Licensed Neuro-Linguistic Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, and Clinical Therapist – he is automatically, to this writer, a man who certainly has the ability to help others. And, let’s be complexly honest here, we need the help.

Our lives are very much wrapped up in the world of money. Yes, we have other interests such as family, religion or spiritualism, as well as hobbies, etc., but the ability to really enjoy daily life seems to be fading more and more with each new bad news story that we are faced with.

Recently, I was given a truly ‘hypnotic’ CD that offered a new way of looking at life. In fact, Robert Wilson and his company, Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching has a variety of these types of CD’s, books and programs that delve into our individual mindsets. They have a way of offering each and every one of us the relaxation we need, but WHILE relaxing, we are also taught some invaluable lessons that can alter our very lives.

I have just completed listening to a 10 Million Dollar Meditation. No, this is not a Publisher’s Clearing House commercial, this is an absolute truthful CD that gives everyone the power to open their minds and not only see but, finally understand, what it takes to bring wealth and prosperity into their lives. And no, I am not only speaking about a paycheck or a new bank account – I am also speaking about bringing the prosperity of riches into your life that include powerful and life-enhancing relationships.

To begin – and this is a line that all listeners will remember – Robert Wilson explains why the tape is named such as it is, because if you put together all the wealth in the world and divide it between each and every one of us equally – our share would be ten million dollars a piece. Can you imagine that? By divine right, if this is something that happened, that ten million dollars would be ours – no muss, no fuss, no questions asked. The list of what you could do with a million dollars is endless, let alone what you could do with ten.

As you listen to Robert Wilson’s incredible voice (which actually puts you in a state of relaxation all by itself), he brings you to that place. That beautiful location where you can stand atop a cliff and stare out at the mighty ocean. There are steps there that will lead you down to the beach below, where you can stand all day and watch the most beautiful natural surroundings you’ve ever seen. But what happens with Robert Wilson’s hypnotherapy technique, is that as you relax – as you let go of the wealth of negativity that surrounds you on a daily basis – your mind begins to open. You begin to open up and allow all your creative ideas that you hold back or keep hidden during your day-to-day life come forth. You feel almost liberated from your own shell as you expand your creative genius. This is what happens when all the fear and negativity disappears – you are able to do, think and live all the dreams you have cooped up inside but are too afraid to try for in your daily life.

As you stand by Robert Wilson’s side and watch those waves, he speaks to you of how all that negativity is literally being pulled out to sea by the waves, leaving you with nothing but the ability to open up your mind and see the brilliance that you’ve owned all along. To this writer, I was almost reminded of a baby. You know? How when we first come into the world we are as of yet untarnished by what we will hear or learn? To us, there is no bad news as of yet; our minds are open and the creative juices are flowing. It is only as we age when the world or the lessons that we are taught tend to diminish that feeling of empowerment.

With Robert Wilson’s CD, as the negativity goes out into the ocean and we stand with ourselves and begin to love the fact that we are who we are, our creative juices begin to flow. That idea that we had begins to catch on. That product we always wanted to create sparks everyone’s interest and it begins to sell. When that selling begins, our popularity climbs, and what happens is that we can then visualize that incoming wave. That one wave that is growing larger and larger the closer it comes to the beach. Is this something to be afraid of? No. This is something that should make you beyond joyous, for that wave is bringing you the wealth. That wave is filled with checks and cash that are simply coming to you because you put your ideas in motion. You let go of the negative worry and fear that you had been holding on to, and with hard work and patience you and your product, company, or relationship has become bigger and better with every breath.

Robert Wilson also helps you to visualize and listen for that doorbell. You can see a man walking down the sidewalk towards your house. And when that doorbell rings, this person presents you with that check – that ten million dollar check that is yours simply because you took the time to invest in yourself without worrying about the bad things that could happen. You were able to release that inner creative genius of yours, and the payback was ten-fold.

This is not silly. This is not some foolish idea that you are just too busy to see in action. Robert Wilson, as we’ve spoken about week after week, is actually proving to one and all that if we WOULD take the time to stop and listen, that ten million dollars transforms from a fantastical dream into a reality. I have said before that it will come as a big surprise to many that some of the legends of science like Freud and Einstein believed in the power of energy, chakras, spirituality and hypnotherapy techniques, yet this type of medicine disappeared over time, as reality was told to the masses instead of allowing the masses to think for themselves.

Robert Wilson has brought back a very real way to rediscover our wisdom and I, for one, think that all of us hardworking individuals should get that ten million dollar check. But in order to receive, we have to be willing to receive, and Robert Wilson is the man to show us how!

With a Smile in My Heart Robert A. Wilson Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching Cowboy Wisdom NLP Radio Tuesday and Thursday’s 9:30PM EST, 8:30PM CST, 7:30PM MST, 6:30PM PST, at Call in number 718-305-6548 For more information, Go to:

The Ten Million Dollar Meditation opens your innovative talent dynamically.
Purchase and download it now!


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