Robert Wilson Can Add More Years to YOUR Life! The innovative, intelligent, and extremely unique gifts that Robert Wilson has in abundance have all combined as a sort of trilogy in order to help humans live healthier lives. Robert Wilson has proven to one and all that he is a motivator. He has the ability to open up your mind and allow YOU to find a way past mental blockades that YOU have put in place to stop yourselves from doing better, achieving more, making more money, and being able to live a peaceful, worry-free existence.

Now YOU say, there is no way humanly possibly to live a worry-free life? Actually… there is. The world has a tremendous weight and power that sits upon all our shoulders, and the pessimism and negativity that comes from that world causes us far more harm than good. We begin to rely on the fact that recessions, wars, job loss, relationship loss, and low self-esteem – are just things we have to deal with and work around, instead of just finding a way to bypass all of this junk and move on to a better, happier life.

One of the skill sets that Robert Wilson owns is being a Hypnotherapist. Now, I know, there are those shaking their heads and rolling their eyes right now, saying ‘guru,’ in their minds; BUT, whether you are a believer or a non-believer, hypnotherapy has actually proven itself to work. As with anything in life, naysayer’s are only naysayer’s because they don’t have a full understanding of the topic. Once your mind understands the topic, it is able to be accepted by even the most dubious people in the world. So, let’s discuss hypnotherapy.

This didn’t all begin yesterday – this is not a ‘new age’ science – hypnotherapy was around in the 1800’s, beginning with the concept (proven concept) of hypnosis. Doctor’s coined the phrase to mean “sleep of the nervous system.” Why is that? Because at its most simplistic definition, the trouble we find ourselves in and the weight of the world we carry on our shoulders, makes us nervous. Nerves are where pain, worry, tension, stress – and heart attacks come from. If you ask any medical professional today, smoking, eating red meat, being overweight – these are all catalysts to bring about an early death. BUT, what actually ‘takes us out,’ people, is our nerves; how worry and stress cause our blood pressures to rise and our nerves to constrict.

Ancient Greeks used hypnosis. Again, just another point to prove that this is not an unexplored science. Basically, a person who is hypnotized shows unusual characteristics compared with a non-hypnotized person. Why? Because when you are under hypnosis you calm down! Your brain is allowed to wander and be free, and talk about all that’s bothering you. When we are ‘awake,’ we live by a set of social, cultural and moral rules that have told us to be silent and uncommunicative about our issues and feelings – and by holding everything in, we are never able to be free – and we are causing irreparable harm to our hearts, brains, and nervous systems.

Hypnosis is a science, not a carnival trick. Mesmerism is not what we are speaking about here. A therapist like Robert Wilson does not ‘put you under’ and mesmerize you, he offers you a safe way to think and feel that does not harm your nerves or cause health issues. It is a type of freedom that one can not experience in daily life – when we’re too busy trying to find out where the next check is coming from in order to pay the mortgage, or the kid’s college education.

There were two very different men who fought a long time ago in the mid-18th century about what hypnosis really was. A man by the name of Mesmer said that healing people was about the trance and being able to channel a force he called “animal magnetism” (a phrase that means something far different today.) This idea formed, however, a huge school of thought that was coined Mesmerism. A Scottish surgeon named, Braid, came along and said that theory was basically ridiculous. He proposed that hypnotism was the true science. Braid argued that Mesmerism was simply a trick played on humans that combined “nervous fatigue” with “verbal suggestion.” Braid was a doctor, and he offered his theory of hypnosis which did not rely on the ‘supernatural forces,’ that Mesmer was talking about. The British Medical Association (BMA) joined with the surgeon and condemned the ‘occult theories’ of Mesmerism. They said that hypnosis was real, and the premise of animal magnetism – could not be proven.

So what is a hypnotherapist? This is a REAL therapist who uses hypnosis as a primary way of assisting clients to achieve their goals. They differ from other therapists, because they focus on your subconscious – what the world has ‘planted’ in your mind on a daily basis, and how it has negatively affected your life and behavior.

In the Federal Dictionary of Occupational Titles, a hypnotherapist is literally a doctor who induces hypnotic state in their client to increase motivation or alter behavior patterns. They consult with clients to determine the nature of a problem, and prepare clients to enter hypnotic state by explaining how hypnosis works and what the client will experience. They test a subject to determine degree of physical and emotional suggestibility, then induce hypnotic state in clients, using individualized methods and techniques of hypnosis based on interpretation of test results, and analysis of the client’s problem. They may even train clients in self-hypnosis conditioning.

Traditional hypnotherapy has long been used to help people with their issues, problems, and even hysterias when it came to various things in their lives. By using this extremely calm, peaceful, and non-threatening form of medicine, anyone has the ability to simply let go of the bad so that they can then experience the good.

As a side note, even everyone’s favorite therapist, Sigmund Freud, in 1895, co-wrote and co-published a clinical text entitled, Studies in Hysteria, discussing and promoting this approach to psychotherapy.

As you can see – if you really read up and open your mind to the fact that there are things you know nothing about going on in your brain – then you will see that hypnotherapy is quite real and has been helping people for centuries.

And, remember, the brain is the only piece of the human body that no doctor can fully explain. There are experts in various realms of medicine, but in the end, even they shrug their shoulders once in a while because there is NO way to fully understand an organ that does SO much. Your brain is taking in everything at all milliseconds of every single day. It is recording, sorting, and filing; the brain is making judgments, decisions, and plans. It controls the entire network of your body! There are parts of your brain that ARE floating in space, for lack of a better term. There are many who doctors call left-handed brains – who are pure artistry. These are the creative types who write, paint, sculpt, and form big dreams that they strive to make come true during their lifetimes. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are right-handed brains that are more analytic, and are grounded in reality, so to speak. But think about it! Every single one of these people has the ‘whole’ brain in there, so everyone has both sides! Which means, even if you are grounded in reality your brain KNOWS that there is something more going on. And with hypnotherapy, you can mend fences, fix issues, and find a way to allow yourself to be open, free, and let go of the weight of the world you’ve taken on your shoulders!

Robert Wilson is a stunning representation of a hypnotherapist, because he not only has the skill and the background to understand and practice hypnotherapy, but he also has the faith, drive, passion, and belief that is necessary in order to help others grow and feel better about themselves.

Don’t live on pessimism. If you do not believe in hypnotherapy, try one session. As all realistic ones know, you have to actually attempt something before being able to call it ‘silly.’ Therefore, now that the world knows that Robert Wilson is a kind, good, and honest man who knows his practice and his business, go forward and allow yourself to see, learn, and know that there IS a way to make your life better, put more money in your wallet, and let some of that stress go.

In other words, with Robert Wilson’s skill, YOU have a chance to save your own life!

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