“You need to get out of your own way.” My grandfather, like many other people’s grandparents, said these words a great deal. He always said it with a smile on his face and love in his heart, and… he was absolutely right.

Grandparents have wisdom. They know what’s good and bad for your life, and they want nothing more than for you to succeed, learn from their mistakes, and be HAPPY! You would think these three things would be easy to do. BUT, getting out of our own way is sometimes harder than learning how to perform brain surgery.

As time passes, grandparents, unfortunately, go to a more peaceful place and we end up lacking something very important in our daily lives – WISDOM! And, that’s where Robert Wilson comes in.

Robert Wilson asks: How do you let your daily life steal your dreams? You do you know. This is not a trick question. This is a very easy subject to approach, just a difficult situation to change. Robert Wilson is a cowboy, for lack of a better word. He has instinct, creativity, skill, intelligence, AND wisdom! I have been introducing everyone to the power and strength that this man has been able to pass on to others; and the help and support he has provided is so monumental that it is very hard to put into words. Robert Wilson is a man who would grow up to change lives, simply by beginning with his own.

More words of wisdom from Robert Wilson:

Today, people are so ingrained with a ‘moldy old imprint’ from times past, that they already have negativity as they begin their journey to start a business; wanting instant success and wealth. Today people are far too impatient and lack the prosperity and maturity to understand they must expand their core décor before they will be blissfully blessed with financial, personal, and spiritual abundance.

For a very brief recap before moving on, Robert Wilson began a home business where he suddenly found himself surrounded with groups of people who had a positive mindset. He began to listen to people talk, and hear about a different way to live life – a way to alter your negative into positive and save your health, family, open up avenues to increase cash flow, learn time management skills, and stop criticizing yourself! In other words, Robert Wilson became a person who learned the essential steps to set goals and raise expectations, by simply coming to terms with the fact that the biggest challenge we ALL face in this world – and our worst enemy – is our own self.

What is a “motivational thought?” Is this just some mystical phrase that is a trick to make people believe they’re buying into something? No. A motivational thought comes from wisdom – it comes from sitting down with someone who actually cares and knows their business. It comes from a person who has the unique skill and ability to let you explore your own mind, and learn to find that peaceful existence where you can work harder and achieve more BUT not drive yourself crazy doing it.

Again, the wisdom of Robert Wilson:

We are tied to history and we hear many stories about instant success but no matter how people arrived at their wealth, it is a good assumption that they have been engaged in some sort of business activity for at least ten to thirteen years before they landed on the plateau of wealth.

Every time this man speaks, he offers in-depth statements that – if you truly sit down and read them – you will find yourself understanding for the first time ever how YOU can achieve all that you wish to achieve in life. And you will not just see the world through rose-colored glasses or, the unfortunate opposite, black lenses that offer no light to shine through whatsoever.

Robert Wilson is a man of many talents and abilities. He is a:

Enlightenment is real. This is no parlor trick or magician’s tool. Robert Wilson combines his talents to bring wisdom to people in all realms – from spiritual to financial. He has actually found a way – a proven way – to make us all let go of the “limitations” we have put on ourselves, and give us a way to set aside the daily grind that is truly turning us all into the undead while we are still very much ALIVE!

Robert Wilson, with his amazing company Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching, offers a way to get our lives back on track! With this friend, we are given the chance to bring back true wisdom into our lives that we haven’t heard in a very long time. Wisdom that will allow us to remove the shackles that we put on OURSELVES, and actually achieve all that we want to achieve!

I want to bring to your attention to the affirmations that Robert Wilson provides in his speeches, writings – and lives by in his daily life. To read these is one thing; to scan them and nod your head is another. But to actually sit quietly and absorb these statements, will show you a way to get through ALL the situations you’re going through and come out on the other side BETTER than before.

Three Affirmations:

These are newe’ words, more’cool sayings than Grandma and Grandpa had in their time period. But in the end, Robert Wilson makes sure that we know we are all the King and Queen of our own castle! Life can NOT take us down unless we let it! And we CAN get out of our own way before it’s too late. Robert Wilson is a friend, yes. But, unlike other friends, he is a visionary who actually has the ability to give you a brand new outlook on life!

Amy Lignor
The Writer Companion

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