Money. When people think about it, talk about it, brood over it – money is the one thing that seems to make everyone go into bouts of anger, frustration, jealousy, envy, or just plain depression. “Money is the root of all evil,” they say, but Robert Wilson reminds us all that money is NOT the root of all evil, it is what people do with the money that brings about the ‘evil’ part of having wealth.

Robert Wilson Tells Us All Why Money is Actually Our Friend
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Money Is My Friend

Money is a very difficult entity to understand, mostly because we were all raised to believe things like: The one with the most money wins; Money is the key to happiness; Your success is judged by the amount of money you make…and the list goes on and on. When companies talk about money it is all about retirement – instead of ever speaking about using money to enjoy life right now. When politicos talk about money, they are constantly talking about how there isn’t any, or that the economy is falling apart. They talk about jobless rates, and the fact that no one can keep their houses anymore. Everything about money is shown to the rest of us in a completely negative manner.

But Robert Wilson, as I have stated in the past, is a man who seems to know far more than others. Or, perhaps it is simply because he remembers the ‘constant’ that the rest of us have forgotten over time. Occam’s Razor: The simplest answer is the right one. This theory seems to have slipped the minds of a great many in this world, and that is because of the fact that our minds are not programmed to believe, live life, enjoy life, and have the ability to actually ‘call forth’ money so that it can flow into our lives like a waterfall.

Everyone is now shaking their heads across the globe as they read that last line, but think about it! We blame money. Why? Because we work our behinds off at jobs most of us don’t really like to do in order to pay the bills, support the family, save for retirement and, yes, these are all major factors in life. But when you blame someone or something, do you really believe they are going to come anywhere near you? If you blame money instead of believing that money is your friend, then it simply won’t arrive.

Money will flow from innovation, creation, motivation and the ability to drop our fears and self-limiting beliefs and step out into the world. It will flow from the simple fact that we are using our brains, hearts and souls to create. Innovation is the key – that entrepreneurial spirit that all of us have buried under the fear, greed, jealousy, and need when it comes to money.

We are living now and have been raised on the fact that this is a poverty-conscious society. Fear is the most abundant gift we have in our lives instead of what it should be – innovation. We were once creative when we came onto this earth to begin our lives – but over time this has changed into having absolute fear that we will find ourselves on a street corner with nothing: No food, no clothes, begging for some caring person to share their wealth with us. But we don’t HAVE to be that way. We can open our eyes and see the fact that this poverty-conscious society was given to us. The government, the lawmakers, the corporations, the ‘big guys’ who simply run the world, collect their money, and don’t care about what others think. And, as everyone will remember, a poverty-conscious society is easier to handle, which is why the world around us keeps that fear ingrained in our daily lives.

Robert Wilson makes it abundantly clear and easily understood through this CD and his outstanding books, as well as services and programs that are offered through Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching, that money is our friend and WILL come to us if we see it as such. Money will flow to people who step forth and use their innovation. Money will also flow to the people who understand it. The people who understand that it is not the end all and be all of life; that our happiness, our creations, and our ideas do not have anything to do with money. What all of our ideas and hope have to do with, is us. When we expand our wisdom, words and emotions such as change, need, want, greed, and selfish go right out the window. Instead they are taken over by passion and desire – which will make the money flow into our lives.

Money is our friend when we see it as such. Money can be had by all of us who learn to expand our minds and not dote on the fact that without that billion dollars there is simply no way to have any type of life. If money is the only thing you think about – the main focus of all you do – then the worry sets in. You feel as if you’re failing, and the loneliness, depression, pain – these emotions are right there in the forefront of your mind. Which means that you blame money for your issues. The more you believe this, the more devastated you will become. And the worst part is you are missing out on life!

With passion, desire, creativity, and innovation the money will flow into your life. And that is what Robert Wilson speaks so amazingly about in this CD. Now all readers should know that Mr. Wilson’s CDs are not only a truly refreshing way to learn the truth and find a way to make your life better, but he is also an expert at Hypnotherapy which allows his ideas to really be heard by you. You can feel the words, you see the ways you can expand your life and have money literally flow right into the cracks and crevices that have been missing wealth and prosperity.

As Robert Wilson does with his stellar writings including books, articles, videos and more, his CD’s are most likely the one thing that the rest of us have been missing. We can improve our lives by letting this truly amazing man take us past our negativity and expand our minds. Only then, will the money flow!

Amy Lignor
The Write Companion

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