CD-bodymindspiritAirwaves of Authenticity

I asked me… How do the airwaves send my persona of authenticity to the world and all people? As I now understand honour truth…

Integrity and moral values are time and date stamped within me so as the world turns the airwaves of accent my audacious internal respect…

Wisdom awesomeIAM vibrant energized sovereignty to grasp honour respect and moral values shows my legacy electricity to the world…

Because I now grasp the world is morally and ethically challenged as I witness the world struggles of debt I now realize moral and ethical…

Values mirror the eternal wealth of the world as I watch the physical world show wealthy people free of struggle which is fallacy to all…

To all people as I now ask me… How have I done immoral acts do to my thinking with money as my focus and wanted results?

Unlocks this block of bold acumen focusing on wants causes unwarranted challenges to fissure my want and need controls…

Opens my gut gallantry to understand I expand and energize peoples wizardry unseals my cascading money streams of extreme wealth…

Because I showed the universe my daring desire to light the world with I won innocence wisdom and inspiration steaming from my heart…

Opens this new paradigm my self-taught taunts make me think in terms of money rather than the moral magic of ethics and morals…

Because money honours moral and ethics and renders unsavory events to the needy and greedy through physical corruption such…

As death and imprisonment so I now admit to the world I make decisions based on money because of want need and thinking…

In lack causes my lackadaisical lethargy to be my creator of my life stifled me myself and I in everyway as I now understand honour…

Hallows outright natural omnipotent unalienable responsibility to rise and shine within me every morning as I now grasp my airwaves…

Of authenticity arrive before my physical body yet my authentic self shows eternal liberating foresight to be of sovereign honour…

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