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I now feel my arteries of audacity dissolves my survival goading from my arrogance and other people arrogance because arrogance thinks…

It knows as the gut understands the wisdom of me and of others allows me to expand through life because blood of sovereign savvy…

Flows through my arteries of audacity to question everything about my life liberates internal feisty entrepreneurial serenity to see the world…

Through my baby bold eyes to understand the world of frontier of endearing endeavors of enterprising nirvana dreaming enthusiastic…

Animated rich innovative nous galvanizing my innerprized gusto to feel dissolving of my survival goading I do to myself through self taught…T

Teachings of trying to fit to societies mental decay of thinking in I’m entitled to what other people is survival mode goading of poverty…

Consciousness taught through the misery of history that is taught through out the world to keep people in survival mode…

I now opened my arteries of audacity to I asked me… How is the world stuck in survival? Even with all the spiritual and personal growth stuff…

Out there yet the world stays the same how doing love covering up survival mode goading as now expand of understand I will never love…

Everybody yet I encompass the guts to appreciate everybody allowing me myself and I to see the vibrant value of people percipience and…

Participation of my paths of prowess to energize my enterprising endeavors forever witness the canonized clever acumen of all…

As I now realize admit and dissolve procrastination debt and I told you so survival mode goading being scared of my talent…

As I now asked me… How is a job and a paycheck survival mode? As I now awakened my hell raiser resolve to ask…

How is debt survival mode? As I now admit I occurred debt thinking I would pay it off yet once I spent the money I became greedy…

Again was selfish shenanigan I pulled on me myself and I as I expanded of wisdom I energized my inner nous to understand debt…

Feeds the banking industry taking away from the personal and community wealth as I now understand survival mode goading feeds…

My want and need selfishness as I now understand survival stems from history teaching pillage plunder and was…

As I now understand to tell is to be of survival mode and poverty consciousness because I now admit to me and the world…

The media school systems and save for retirement are survival sucking inner wise out of me keeping the world turning in the same mindset…

As my ancestors as I ask me… How is my paycheck the union and electrical trade survival mode?

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