Fear is my friendFissuring Ancestral Attachment

I asked me… How liberated and innocent will I feel by detaching from my ancestors way of life? As I now realize admit and dissolve people…

Today still encompass the survival mindset of our ancestors so I asked…

How does the world think it is advanced yet stay stuck in ancestral survival mode? Goading anybody that expands out of the…

Ancestral anarchy of survival as I asked… Is ancestral survival mode the underlying reason for people to dislike people of wealth?

As I ask… Is the reason people of wealth think they own working people because ancestral anarchy that rich people own working people?

Today I ask does the world still subconscious have a slavery mentality mirroring our ancestors? As I now unlocked this block people think…

Of people like animals when somebody works for me I own them is corporate cloning from a school system of historical bondage…

That I must conquer and own is cloned in all people through our DNA as I now cleared cleansed and cleaned my ancestral anarchy from…

Within me I now feel my life’s liberate innocence freed every cell within me to see I am thee innovator of innocence to expand people…

Through life by unlocking their trendsetting talent now and forever more I soar of sovereign omnipotent audacity realized people are…

Wisdom in motion 24/7 in the right way with blessings for all and from all understand grace of love appreciation and participation…

Of my dreams now and forever thank you I love you I love you I am sorry please forgive me thank you as I now grasp and admit now is…

The time for me to dissolve release and let go of all attachment to my ancestor’s way of life as I now witness and experience life…

I see yesterday the same as today because the powers to be feel they have to control people through poverty and selfish power which…

Shows me the leaders of today are powerless and clueless internally because controlling people through laws and taxation…

Thinking entitlements help people as I now admit and witness entitlements are given so the politicians feel they are entitled…

To everything the populace I awoken today and asked this question… How is the physical a mirage of beliefs viewpoints and history with an attachment to our ancestors way of life?

I asked me today… How is the world still attached to our ancestor’s way of life? I asked me…

How does today mirror the beginning of time? As I open my internal innovative wit I see the world has advanced in medicine and…

Technology yet the way people are treated through out the world and in the workplace is the exact same as the beginning of time…

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