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I now grasp the visionary valor of I walk I waltz I won dissolve thinking what I am expanding to understand who I AM within…

My skin to understand I win internally showing my I won vitality as my realized authenticity of me myself and I that unleashed my I walk…

I waltz I won flight of enlightened authenticity as I awoken with godforsaken troublemaker quaking one of my thieving beliefs…

That challenges create havoc went effortlessly away the instant I walked with my challenges I waltzed with my amazing accomplished…

Outcomes understanding I won because I desired to experience the challenge with calm harmonized acuity loving life’s everyday new…

Galvanized emotional expansionism admitting all stress is emotional uproars by overthinking my daily escapade with busy and productive…

Mental state of create calamities that I must get everything done in this order and right on this time dimming my day with dismay…

Opened the way for emotionaleyes to see the my day waltzes interruptions to disrupt me trying to make slow down to facilitate…

My day to see and hear my profound passageways of insight that expand me rather than change me into stressed out panicked fanatic…

Running around like lunatic because I allowed the situation to be develop from a controlling memory of everything must be…

Perfect and I do everything perfect dereliction that deflects my understanding my wisdom is supreme outright brightest illuminated…

Omnificence for my voyage of veracity through my imaginative inspired desires that fire up my incorruptible gut gallantry to free…

My farsighted revolutionary enterprising energies that expand natural emotional revelations glorifying innovative endeavors seeing…

My everyday life thrive feeling alive living internally freedom everyday as I now sashay of I walk of wisdom feeling I walk my wisdom…

To waltz my wealthy healthy supremacy through my divine veins of wininity as I now understand wininity shows me and the world…

My wisdom of innocence naturally invigorating native inspirational trendsetting Yes I won because I encompassed the dauntless desire…

To free me from y ancestral angst unlocking my cocky emotionaleyeszed wise wizardry to waltz inspirational reveries…

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