Cowboy banne 2.My Risk Taker Awakened

Cowboy Wisdom

I now show the world my risk taker awakened today authorizes me to play of my paths of lush plush prosperity now and forever more as…

I now understand my risk takers awakened amazing gracious grandeur as I now adamantly admit and valorously admire the most fun…

I experience is awakening to discover me myself and I through my spiritual savoir-faire personal persona and candid confidence…

Candid conceding the most fun I experience is the uncovering and discovering my internal oceans of omnificence because I now grasp…

My endless eulogies of freedom are my liberated wit my wisdom innovative talent dissolve release and let go of my ancestral…

Attachment to one kind of life fits all went away the instant my risk taker awakened as I experienced my risk takers awakened audacity…

To feel my electric enlightened energy turn on my torchbearer fervor lore to feel my liberating innocence dance through my brain of fame…

Fanning my flames of frontiersman foresight to understand the physical world has been discovered yet my internal oceans…

Of omnificence mirror depths of the oceans of the world as I witness the ocean shows new ambling adventures by showing new species…

Of whatever unleashes my meandering moxie to uncover and discover my dreamers imaginative sensations canonizing opulent visionary…

Endeavors realizing the universe I desire to explore is my divine spine communiqué of emotional exposés show me my life is endless…

Heydays holidays of my life is celebration of my because I now realize and admit deep within my skin of winning wit there is my risk takers…

Awakened god forsaken troublemaker with red-hot desire to uncover my unparalleled percipience unequalled I felt my risk-taker…

Awakened rebellious hell yes I am troublemaker to mundane ingrained way of life to understand my risk taker sees through fog of fears…

Being scared to trust my trendsetting resolve as I now realize I was never scared of life situations I was scared to trust my audacious…

Abilities to ride my rambunctious innovative dexterity enterprising my way through circumdances with imaginative imagery of my desired…

Outcomes as I now grasp life liberate celebrations of ceremoniously energizing lively enterprising bravery respecting appreciating today…

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