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I asked me… How is trying to look like a big shot in other eyes actually me despising the wise of me? Sent me of freedom march within…

My skin to realize within me is DNA of enslaving codes of I must conquer something or somebody is being lost tossed and bossed…

My enslaved mentality that encompasses people yet world today because the world still believes in suppressing working people…

In unsavory conditions is enslaving conquering controlling travesty the blemishes the minds people today because people think they are…

Superior to others are smothered in emotional and spiritual inferiority to others using scared arrogance to cover up their inner ignorance…

Because using bossing domination over others is poverty paucity that keeps the world stuck in ancestral anger pandering to famine pillage…

Plunder and war is forever gone because the world and all are opening the innerprising wise filling the world with gifts of enterprising…

Endeavors forever more the world soars of peace and prosperity fills the world airwaves with boldofme bravery freeing all in the universe…

I asked me… How is war a conquering control of enslaved codes of I must control the world and others through pillage plunder and famine?

As I open my numen nirvana to admit to the world I thought I had to be smarter I had to think I knew more wanted people to like me and…

Wanted everything done my way was my enchaining encryptions of my controlling arrogance that created the anger frustration and…

Insecurities in me myself and I and was internal lie I told myself and kept repeating the sham of damn what is wrong with them blemished…

My life in everyway as I awoken and harkened my internal innocence until I opened my sunriseeyes to see a new dawn of daring…

Audacious wisdom nurturing my listenedpreneur leadership hear my day to day escapades awaken my ascending wise acumen kinetically…

Energizes natural gallantry to grasp I am the best because I dissolved my enslaving codes that opened my revolutionizing resolve…

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