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As you read feel the words rather than know the words to expand your life your way free of knowing to expand of understanding freedom…

I now introduce all people to expansionism of inside me I see magnificence invigorating savvy magical imaginative subconscious…

Miracles innovating sumptuous money flowing to me myself and I overfilling my bank accounts because I see money inspire spiritual…

Miracles as I now understand expansionism liberates my thinking from change heal create transformation and expectations…

As I now everything that occurs in the physical world first occurs within me myself and I as I sense my emotional expressions speak…

Uniquely to me allows me to quantify and query what is occurring to put forth facilitating foresight for the highest accomplished outcome…

For all because I now grasp change heal create transformation and expectations are sideways thinking from memories just rearranging…

Tarnished furniture of what I already know to feel good about my life from a different view yet encompassing the same emotional…

Dispiritedness thinking good yet feeling froze over internally emotionally going through the motions of life as I now feel and…

Adhere to my lionized liberated expansionism I sense magnanimous tenacity because I now grasp realize and admit to expand leaves…

The old behind freeing me from my subconscious mind to feeling my subconscious savvy alive like beehive buzzing my bright…

Unadulterated zillionaire zeal with sassy sexy appearing sassy sagacity sensing innate spectacular megastar mettle to stop meddling…

In yesterday pity me palaver went away instantly authorized me to unfreeze my easy street feats of financial ecstasy to understand…

Expectations create anger as facilitating my day shows me focus action candor innovates lively ingenious torchbearer acumen tantalizing…

Internal newborn grandeur of surrendering my know it all crawling crap as I am free because unhooked my book learning expand into…

Through life as I now explain expansionism disconnects me from thinking from memories and what I already know…

Because the experience of expansionism occurred as I opened up to teach all my stuff I wanted to hide from society liberated my life…

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With Unselfish Love Flowing From My Heart and a Beaming Sassy Smile From My Soul

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