I forgive m I am freeDissolving Ancient Anger

As you read this feel the enlightened liberating forces of fervor optimism flow through your veins of fame…

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I awoke with prudent prose… How do I think in control with ancient and ancestral foundations inspiring sabotaging or apathetic hiding within me myself and I?

As I now daringly divulge I am expanding on the inspiring desires and dissolving the timid thievery of anger and outdated traditions giving…

The boot scoot and boogey me myself and I out of doubt liberating me myself and I from my ageless obstructions as I asked me…

How do I mirror the world keeping doing the same thing over and over yet expecting different results? As I now recognize disclose and…

Express to the world the world hides in the shadows of ancient autocracy rule by greedy and ancestral survival codes of greed…

Arrogance and warmongering repression thinking and knowing either being controlled or controlling other people with narcissist nepotism…

Opened my gut gallantry to free me to grasp peace and prosperity are unknown equalities for the entire world to admire everybody…

Because through love and appreciation people understand admit admire and adhere to this eternal stimulation I am their equal…

As I am to grasp admit adhere and admire my eternal stimulus feeling everybody is my equal authorwised this question to pop right up…

How am I afraid to see people as my equal? As I dissolve all my ancient malarkey and ancestral mockery sets me free to understand…

Concede and adhere everybody in this world understands and has talent ability to do something I lack the ability to do as I encompass…

Ability and gifts they lack so this allows the elegance of equality to dance through my veins of ordained progressive parity of enlightened dexterity…

So I now understand every person encompasses rare breed credence’s authorizes me and all people to dance on earth’s omnipresent soil…

Of soothing omniscient innocent love living openly vibrant enjoy the simplicity of peerless peace and prosperity unleashing enterprising…

Acumen revolutionizing today harmonizing songs of serene omnific nirvana gusto with presto grit get go unfreezes ageless arrogance…

Thawing my ancient anger as I flawlessly flaunt undaunted innocence of individualism inspirational spiritual magnificence to fill the earths…

Airwaves with love and appreciation for all as I now ask… How liberating do I feel unfreezing ancient anger and deicing ancestral survival sabotage?

Unlocked my cocky candor to understand admit and dissolve societies pecking order of poverty consciousness to wheel and deal…

My dreamer jubilations to understand feel and admire my life’s celebrations as I asked me…

How are all people and the worldly landscape ambushed in ancient anger ancestral absolutism ageless arrogance pillage and plunder poverty consciousness?

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