This is the cover of my new book: Dissolving Pleasing OthersEverybody Is My Equal

My new release Dissolving Pleasing Others: Dissolving Pleasing Others dissolves childhood bl… via @amazon

I now realize admit and heed wealth money self-centered arrogance name and societal social order are outcomes means zilch…

Because through spirit heart soul and all people are illustrators of innovation to expand the world because wisdom innovation…

Talent and being willing to show people a better way is the way without greed and need being the way all people are teachers…

With negative people showing me to look in me for what I see in them positive people show me I encompass that aura of audacity…

Yet the wisdom shows me a venturous path of visionary veracity everything in the physical shows me something within me to dissolve…

Expand or enterprise and to never ever set a boundary because boundaries are new embedded fears creating a barrier being afraid…

Of negative creates and embeds being afraid to address adversity and controversy as I now grasp adversity and controversy unlock…

Vehement versatility to expand through life with nouvelle vague passion everybody is my equal experiences new horizons of harmony…

I asked me… How are life and all people my illustrators of innovative insight to experience my dreams? Allows me to avow I clearly…

Understand admit and adhere to this crisp clearing acumen I will never ever be the smartest person or will I know everything…

To dauntlessly declare I am daredevil willing to experience and attain all the newfound inspiration wisdom and innovation to unleash…

Newly discovered trailblazer talent to expand all phases of my amazing life to understand admit and adhere to life is inspired innocence…

As I listen with virgin visions unleashing my visionary virtuoso to sing and dance across the universe untying all people now and forever

As I now feel exonerated and liberated by understanding and experiencing life as everybody is my equal to show me newfangled…

Ways of enterprising my life as I now grasp and adhere to being the student of unlimited inspirational innovation as I opened…

My enlightened eyes with fresh inspirational insight that life and all the people of universe are my illustrators of innovation to expand…

My life as live internally free everyday love innocently feeling enlightened listen inspirationally fervent energizing luminary inspired…

Foresight enriching the world airwave’s with peace as I now walk my paths of liberation from my prankster of overthinking paralyzation…

Dissolving Pleasing Others: Dissolving Pleasing Others dissolves childhood bl… via @amazon

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