Dissolving Pleasing Others dissolves childhood bl... http://dld.bz/eRyhY
Dissolving Pleasing Others dissolves childhood bl… http://dld.bz/eRyhY  

I Am Here To Break The Chain

Read I Am here to break the chains of pain to ordain you walk of fame feeling free animated magnificence everyday within you…

I now admit admire my fiery desire to break the chain of pain to ordain my walk of fame of freedom adventure maverick energy everyday…

Dissolving Pleasing Others: Dissolving Pleasing Others dissolves childhood bl… http://dld.bz/eRyhY via @amazon

As I now realize concede and relish I hear to break the chain of pain from war money making machine that world is stuck in today so now…

I disrupt the corruption of the silent societies pillage plunder and war because I now understand war is for profit never for peace so now I break…

The chain of war to attain a new aura of peace poise patience and prosperity through understand peace begins within me myself and I…

To unhook me from the chain gang of hidden agendas to show people the way to peace is through me myself and I to expose the world…

To my internal tranquility now and forever I feel my emotions at peace in turmoil to feel my prosperity through all people are my equal…

I now understand concede and adhere I am here to break the chain of being controlled by competition through understanding feeling and…

Adhering to loving my life escapades feeling appreciation facilitation and participating of being the wise leader of my life lionizing…

Inspiration farseeing extravaganzas free of being caught up the societal system of looking outside myself authorwises me…

Myself and I to unblame unshame unthink unteach unpreach unmemorize unmemory my life to recognize the wizardry wise…

Of my day-to-day life in the moment to understand the wisdom courage innovation inspiration is in the innocence of my daily life…

As now encompass the guts to understand grasp and adhere to all people are equal to expand quixotic utopian acumen lore to fathom…

The mystical magical mysterious and miraculous energies are unexplained ordain fame for me myself and I as I was prudently…

Prodded with this question… How am I a pawn in the banker corporate big pharmaceutical money making war machine?

*As I feel ecstatically amazing tantalizing spectacular splendor to flow through all phases of my amazing life as relax in rocking chair…

Admiring the sunrises of my life to loving the sunsets with every night I see the stars of the universe shine so bright mirroring the lights…

From my heart and soul sending out unexplainable love guiding people on their paths of peace as I am swaying in breezes of bliss in…

My hammock of harmony now and forever under grace of idyllic innocence and of Divine Order forever more peace flow through the people and the airwaves of cosmos…

Dissolving Pleasing Others: Dissolving Pleasing Others dissolves childhood bl… http://dld.bz/eRyhY via @amazon

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