Love.001Light of Liberation

As you read the light of liberation feel your sovereign sass awaken allowing you to dance with your dreams feeling energized and alive…

Cowboy Wisdom

I now feel my light of liberation exonerates my innate internal inferno of inspirational innovation sensing the innocence peace within me…

As I now embrace my light of liberation of lionizing internal gallantry harmonizing todays opulent fortes lustfully invigorate brilliant…

Enlightened revelations animating triumphant intuiting oracle nirvana to embrace my trendsetting tranquility I cuddle with inside me…

As I asked me… How telling people the challenges I sense for them is actually I expressing my challenges to me?

I now admit understand and admire me for shining my light of liberation into me to understand everything I sense in the world…

Dynamic good bad and indifferent are within me so within me is prowess poise to shutdown noise of the world to open the way for…

All people to shine their light of liberation with feeling a poetic peace experiencing elegance of received plush prosperity forever more…

So I asked… How is telling anybody the way out their challenges and current life actually my way out of my current way of life?

As I now unleash the kapish of my light of liberation I write and speak to the world through wisdom allowing people feel their light…

Of liberation within them unblemished all people’s nervy charisma because to tell is to want people to be like me and do what I do is…

The pooh in stew of ‘self-help’ because ‘self help’ is looking for help by telling other people what to do is Pandora Box of pity me paradoxes…

Yet to show people the way is to glow of galvanized lore opening the way for people internal innocence to adhere to their exonerated…

Expansionism of I see me inspirationally showing me my dreamers decrees of free as I now grasp and heed my light of liberation shows…

Me my gleaming esteemed emancipated valor of I expanded out of telling people things to expand of showing people the way out…

Of the pooh in the stew of “you” to understand the grandeur of gratitude with attitude of addressing all the stuff inside me showing…

The people and all of the universe my naked native niyama heart soul DNA and cells because I now understand concede and adhere…

To my light of liberation by expressing all my hidden secrets to the world because I recognize admit and dissolve all my inner conflicts…

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