FullPrevLabelImgI Unhooked All Words With Memory

May your words excite your dreams to be your way life in a bright bold way today and evermore…

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I now feel liberates because I boldly unhooked all words with memory from all phases of my amazing life now and forever…

As I asked me… How do I feel unleashing my visionary vocabulary to expand me through life? Unsealed my trendsetter talent trailblazer…

Lore and gut gallantry to flow through me unrestrained my vibrant valor to live experience and feel life expand beyond my boundaries…

As I now realize change forgiveness heal create transformation expectations I think and I know are boundaries of fears…

So I now never set a boundaries because I never ever set a new fear causing me to scared of the rare new wizardry beyond any boundary…

So I now dissolve all boundaries to hear the rare new wizardry flow through me ears of seer seeing my life expand right before me…

Because I eliminated all my words of memory such change heal create transformation expectations I think I know and many more…

As I soar through my life with lionized innocence feeling expanded in all phases of my amazing life now and forever more…

As I asked me… How many words do I use that are attached to memory my past thinking I know everything?

Instantly opened my new waves of wisdom to understand I love appreciate facilitate and participate in my life…

Because I expand through life with visionary veracity of appreciation energize enterprise entrepreneurialize to experience…

My dreamer’s waltz authorizes me to be unattached to the event to listen to expand through life I now unhooked the words that are…

Blah and bland to express a vibrant vocabulary that excites my adventurer audacity to uncover and discover my new roads of riches…

That embellishes my sassy sovereign class with my visionary vocabulary liberated from thinking knowing and memory to be my way of life…

Unlatched a foresighted panache to dance with stars in heavens because I unhooked my words I expressed that invoked memories…

Dissolving Pleasing Others: Dissolving Pleasing Others dissolves childhood bl… http://dld.bz/eRyhY via @amazon

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