#I_AM my white light of mystical magical miracles beaming lightning bolt brilliance across heavens illuminating the earth with enterprising acumen revolutionizing trailblazing hellraiser crazy celebrations that flow thru my arteries of artistry frees me internally instigates immaculate new trendsetter energy revering nervy adventures loving love yazzawowing my gladiator gumption to rise like the sun on cloudy day burning all my cloudy doubt I ride and rope my way through life with thriving trendsetter tenacity expressing my sassy inspirational lyrics of liberation speaking my straightforward wisdom emancipating the world from ancestral anchors to effortless sail away surfing our seas of splendor feeling our sumptuous success flow through our veins of fame fanning our flames of sovereignty shining our classy self worth to the world now and forever more… #Good_Day #wisdom, #inspiration, #cowboy+wisdom,

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