#Good_Evening #I_Lionize the wise in others to stop smothering my dreams in my know it all ignorance that kept me locked in closet of myself control because I was afraid of my pioneering prowess so now I admitted this to me sets me free to fly rebelliously energized & hellraiser wise with a troublemaker moxie to fissure my nullifying habits within me as I show the world my humble confident courage exuding passionate peace massaging the universes airwaves with serene splendor now and forever I feel peace and prosperity with gratitude and appreciation flowing from me to the all people and the world… I love life as life loves me                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Expand out of the past now because the now is all we experience the past is a subconscious programmed event so listen to the Nunow Wow to embellis the now https://mycowboywisdom.com/nunow-wow/                   I Chime the Rhymes download to expand your imaginative wit and open new waves of wisdom for you https://mycowboywisdom.com/i-chime-the-rhymes                                                                                        #inspiration #leadership #endlessinspiration #innovation

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