#I_Opened my eyes of wise to understand and admit my life is mystical magical & mysterious because life awards me with mystery & riddles for me to investigate with my innate investigators intuitive grit and wit looking past the obvious into the core to soar of spiritual optimists acumen revving up my imagination wisdom and inspiration eradicating the situation in quick bright bold way as I now play on pastures of plush lush prosperity and witness pristine peace internally externally and internally because I AM grounded in listening hearing inaudible frequencies freedom realizing enthusiastic quixotic utopian expand nowborn canny inventor engendering savvy to dance me through life with the greatest of ease as I hear my heart praise me for my genuine gratitude for my life as I feel my appreciated so I value my life as I AM Grounded of unselfish love honouring who I AM now and forever more I feel my sassy classy sovereign self worth beam thank you to the universe… #Good_Morning

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