#I_Relish and embellish my life is a gamblers paradise as I roll my dice entices my dreamers imagination canonizing enterprising wizardry decrees my sprees of spiritual poise revs up endeavoring extravaganzas instigates my saunter on to mountains of pristine leisure loving everyday invigorating spectacular utopia revolutionizing engendering gumption to leap tall buildings realizing my mystical prowess wows me matured my listeners mystique unleashed my unique laser clairvoyance to witness everything I intentionally chose to ask for as I instantly see my moneyed up accomplished outcomes on my third eye movie screen on the horizons of my daily ventures and on my heavenly skies with all my sense tuned into the frequencies of financial freedom and fun of the sun splendor now and forever more I soar of simplicity feeling my winocity validity as I AM sovereignly authentic in a bold bright beautiful way

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