#Good_Morning #I_Awakened to trust my sixth senses that communicate with my inborn senses as I now glide thru life with a dreamers dare dawns awesome rebellious energy to dissolve my humanoid annoyances opens my listeners savvy to hear my serendipitous life of luxurious leisure realizing and esteeming my I allowed my imagination to be diminished by my childhood experiences as I now admit and admire my taught myself to live in the dim of my outside sources as I rousted out my debonair flair that dared me to experience the vim and vigor of my visionary vitality as I now grasp and admire my the keen sheen splendor of my spiritual heart supremacy sets me free to express my sassy classy sovereign selfworth now and forever more I adore my innermost liberated audacity to be me and never fit into the dim of society as I AM vim and vigor gleaming my grinning gumption… #debonair_flair, #communicate, #dreamers, #dare, #enterprise, #wisdom, #inspiration,

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