#I_Opened my eyes of spry energized my inner wise to now understand the wisdom and gifts galvanizing innovating foresight titillating stunning success are hiding in my daily events as I eavesdrop on the breezes of brilliance that streams thru other people’s daily escapades energize simple candid animated perspicacity aggrandizing dreamers enterprising savvy that optimized my vibrant versatility for me to understand life is grand as I grin relishing amazing nunow daredevilry that decrees my listeners lithe spurs me down my trails of triumph as I bask in the sunny delight of my nowborn trailblazer curiosity to be aware of my cosmic magicians dares that dawns adventurous rabble rousing extravaganzas sheens my nowbirth intrinsic peace feeling my impeccable innocence light up core chandeliers of endearing serenity now and forever more #Good_Morning

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