#I_Now awakened to my liberating literacy to understand I appreciate my childhood to celebrate today as I realize I mirrored my parents way of life that silently controls me today as that all went away in a bold way as I now feel my enterprising emotions mature my adventurous trendsetting utopian revelations energizing my dreamers daredevilry to relish my politically incorrect imagination to run wild gliding me through life with the greatest of ease as I mirror a sea breeze brilliantly rainbowing elegant endeavoring zeal exhilarating my classy sassy bountiful bliss to flow through my veins of fame feeling autonomous mystique electrify my life of lavish leisure lighting up my heavenly skies with my intentionally chosen achievement as I feel fortuitous fulfullmint sweeten my spiritual maturity now and forever more I soar of spirited optimistic acuity #Good_Morning

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