#I_Rousted out my optimistic ubiquitous tenacity to grasp & esteem my imagination shows me my trendsetter talent moviemaker magic & traveler savvy that unleashed my wily wanderer’s thrillpower turns on my entrepreneurial gifts galvanize innovative fervor energy exhilarates nowborn enterprising reveries galvanizing yazzasnazzy splendor to flow through my veins of vibrant ebullience instigates nirvana spectaculars to be my nowfangled way of enjoying the fulfillmint of my life experiences understanding and admiring my life was never hard I taught myself to make life hard that all died yesterday as my jovial jailbreak occured in this moment magically opens my engendering nirvana titivates my innate talents colors my life of luxurious now and forever more I shine my divine light of love through the universes airwaves of brave #good_afternoon

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