#My_Soul shines my spirits optimistic ubiquitous light that beams my hearts esteem acuity rapturously titillates venturous vitality to travel through life with literary inspiration feeling ecstatic energized my trailblazer tenacity electrified my moviemaker mystique unsheathed my unique mystical innovative witted grit get and go enthrall my nomadic nous to rise that geysers my gamer gumption to stroll out past into my nunow wow sensing my wisdom optimizes winners thrillpower that unleashes my god given talent to ballet my colorful charisma through all phases of my amazing life that lionized intrinsic festivities brightens my trails of triumph as now feel my emotions feelings and soul are liberated lighting up my heart brain coherence canonizes my dreamers dexterity dances me to my prosperous Promised Land now and forever more    #Good_Evening

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