#I_Now realize my sunrise splendor unleashes my mystical rays of revolutionary adventurous yazzasnappy savvy to understand & admire life sends me challenges to awaken my intrinsic magician unlocks my imaginative magic to appear setting me free to feel rich everyday in a bold way as I play throughout my daily life free of doubt to dance optimistically uninhibited brilliantly painting the heavenly skies with beautiful accomplished outcomes as I color earthly horizons with affluent achievements because I feel my sweet self worth energizing enterprising temerity as I marry my spiritual savvy with innovators ingenuity to understand life is grand because I now admit and get my life events electrify visionary enthusiastic nirvana tantalizing stunning success to kiss my life now and forever more as I soar of spirited optimistic acumen revving up my lavish endless money flow to fill my bank accounts daily so I expand other people’s lives in thriving trendsetting way

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