#I_Awakened to my thrillwill that harmonizes hellraisers risdom as risdom is my rebellious insightful daredevilry optimizing my releasing everyday bullshit energizing liberation lionizing imagination opening unfathomable spectaculars for me to enjoy thru liberation appreciation and gratitude as appreciation discharges and disconnects the anchored rancor of situations liberations rises me above the rattle my cage rage of the events as gratitude is my grinning rabble rousers audacious triumphant intrepid trailblazer ultrabold optimistic daredevil enthusiasm as I AM spirit mystique with unique trendsetter savvy showing people my authentic vulnerable vigor to be of service show everybody revolutionary visionary innovative celebrations energizing people’s witted grit get and go galvanize their wise open their ventures eyes as my sunrises with my spectacular upbeat feats of fun energizing adventurous trailmaker splendor for me to bask of my innermost bliss kissing my life of luxurious leisure now and forever more I soar of my selfliberation
#imagination, #fun, #wisdom, #risdom, #thrillwill, #liberation, #celebrations, #trendsetter, #savvy,

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