#I_Feel ultramodern mystique steam heat my hellacious empire building artistic trendsetting innovative imagination naturally neons optimists virtuoso artistry titillates inventors visionary elegance so I dance with mammoth endless money flow […]

Awakened Appreciation

#I_Treasure my life as my innovative maturing mess to majestically expand my self savvy to understand and admire I listen intuit and imagine my way to the penthouse and talk […]

Ornery Dances Thru My Eyes

#I_Rouse today with ornery optimistic emotions that energized my optimists troublemaker innovative omnificence neoned spicy roll the dice daredevilry to understand & admire to expand out yesterday my ornery optimism […]

Hello world!

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Inspiration Energizes Imagination

#I_Now realize my sunrise splendor unleashes my mystical rays of revolutionary adventurous yazzasnappy savvy to understand & admire life sends me challenges to awaken my intrinsic magician unlocks my imaginative […]

Sovereign Spirituality

#I_Now realize & admire the wisdom to expand through life hides inside my challenges & chaos to breakout of my thinking knowing minds energizing my imaginative wisdom to expand my […]

I AM a Multimillionaire

#Happy_Labor_Day_Weekend as we celebrate this weekend of freedom I express a heartfelt thank you for all the people that stood up & got us 8 hour work day & weekends […]

Appreciation for My Parents

#Good_Evening As I now understand and admire my life through my liberating inspirations feeling my emotions energizing my optimistic trailblazer innovative omnificence neon’s stupendous splendorous bliss brightly colors my life […]