7 Ways Why Life is Unedited and Unrehearsed

#I_Am awakenedaware that all my external world events encounters and xperiences unexplained to my thinking knowing memory mind  books of knowledge because present moment occurrences optimizes wise ingenuity to listen and question […]

I Rouse Out of Followerocracy

#I_Open my hearts grounded serenity feeling the soothing grounding calm flows from the earth through me grounding the universes airwaves with smooth spirit ardor to soar oozing simplicity optimizing adventurous […]

Admit Appreciate Awaken Aszend

#I_Aspire you to xperience a healthy wealthy peaceful prosperous 2024 for you to soar of serene keen inspired energy for you to rise to dreamers paradises now and forever more […]

Sunrise Cleared My Guilty Eyes

#I_Let fly my energized wise geyser my sun rays of praise innergizes my spirit prowess showers me with rainbow brilliance colors my world with omnific revolutionary legendary daredevilry as I […]

My Spirit Dared Me

#I_AM alive feeling enlivened thriving hellraiser trendsetter savvy lifting me to my liminal intuitive foresight titillating innovative nerve generating innate potentate prowess lead me thru my daily life with listener […]