7 Ways Why I’m Equal to Everybody and Everything?

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7 Ways Why I’m Equal to Everybody and Everything

I awakened to understand my egotistical arrogance, immaturity, lack of trust in my abilities, people-pleasing, my childhood snobbish insecurities kept me hiding in my self-centered pouting doubts and subconscious mind frozen in time emotions feelings, inner dialogue, childhood, and ingrained happenstances.

As wells as viewpoints and inside the socially taught pecking orders that kept my life in motion of insecurity, never thinking I’m good enough. See, it isn’t that other people are better. You feel you aren’t good enough. Then when other people’s egotistical arrogance and they try to ridicule you and criticize you.

That ingrained where you think they’re better than you. And a lot of mine came from my childhood because my parents was always talking, well, he’s good and he’s too good. He thinks he’s somebody. And that really ingrained the inequality insecurities within me, which was a fallacy on my part.

As I opened my eyes to peer liberation, I liberated me from my insecurities, immaturity. to dance with my daredevil audacity naturally celebrating every day.

As I’d rather open up to my audacity realizing everybody and everything is my equal because I understand things they never do and they understand things. And people just because they have a high education, everybody understands and has a nugget of wisdom to xpand the world out of yesterday.


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