7 Ways Why Pure Liberation Rises You to Present Moment Peace

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7 Ways Why Pure Liberation Rises You to Present Moment Peace

Pure liberation, you expand to the now and rise of the now. But if you keep using thinking, no, you’re going to stay inside the box of what everybody else wants you to do. That’s something that I awakened to myself and I really, really understand it now. But as I started using liberation, expand energized enterprise experience, appreciation over forgiveness.

Appreciation is the highest form of forgiveness there is. Appreciate yourself. Give you the value of every situation. And then you can color or do whatever you want. You can communicate away all the dismay when you appreciate your talents.

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7 Ways Why Pure Liberation Rises You to Present Moment Peace

Pure liberation awakens your flowing inspiration that energizes your wisdom, insight, and inspiration. That awakens your ventures verve, energizing your spirit sovereignty. That excites your nomadic nerves that awakens your explorer curiosity.

That’s the secret to life is explorer curiosity allows you to rise and become inquisitive about your life. And see, we get so caught up in everything we’ve always done, it becomes mundane and then we get mad and it’s bland and it just kind of, stuff. That’s kind of where I was until 1997, I began this voyage.

Now, I’ve awaken to understand inspiration, intuition, imagination, and images of your desired outcomes and your spirit promise. It rises you to calm energizing, calm energizing way of life. Now I realize and admit stop healing the past and liberate the now. Because something I realized when you’re trying to heal the past, you’re stuck in the mini movies of all them events and it just keeps replaying.

Then you’re thinking memory mind, your inner dialogue and everything within you, the emotions, feelings, all your inner gamut and dammit is playing in your life. It did be. And you know, the sooner, the instant I stopped talking about my past and quit trying to change the past and heal and transform everything with the past.

I awaken to the inspiration, express the inspiration, and now naturally optimizing the wisdom, insight, and clarity to be chauffeured through life. Everything you think and know from yesterday has whatever yesterday was in the mini movies that play in your mind.

So, I stopped being a servant to my past. How are you a servant to your past? How are you a servant to your thinking memory mind? How are you a servant to your parent’s way of life? That was a big one for me. I opened to that about, I don’t know, eight, nine months ago. As I said, so now when I’m having a challenge, I just scamper back and see where it all kind of began because it began back there.


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