I AM Thee Unmanipulator of my life

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I AM the unmanipulator of me myself and I                                                                                                                                                                                                             As you are the unmanipulator of you perfection programming thinking everything will go perfect following other people being afraid unmanipulate your complainers vanity. As I am the unmanipulator assend admit and appreciate my liberator skills that thrill me myself and I to fly by my challenges adversity controversy chaos and untimed challenges.

That are your trial and dare dawns adventurous revelations electrified wise to understand you created  your trauma and drama are self embedded habits being victimitice crapeyetice  of my mind  all my drama and trauma created my inner my worrywart torment caused my stress and anxiety

As I admit my thinking knowing memory mind viewpoints beliefs childhood haunts ancestors anchors school system memories and all my unconscious and subconscious frozen in time reservations are are my self embedded hinderance because I embed things according the to snapshot of my brain emotions inner landscape.

What ever it was insecurity immaturity and my circle of influence appreciate my audacity to appreciate my artistic agility of my imagination intuition innovative witted grit get and go to xpand out of my hinderances. Energize my dreamers daredevilry enterprising my entrepreneurial wizardry to sets me free to feel rich and healthy everyday


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