I Rouse Out of the Gossip Economy

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I Rouse Out of the Gossip Economy

 I rose out of the gossip economy by speaking inspiration about my desired lifestyle and expressing inspirations through other people and really inspiring other people to stroll through life, experiencing their dreams and witnessing the good in them, recognizing everybody’s my equal through spirit, love, heart, soul, sovereign, valor.

 So I released and let go, communicating away my gossiping buffoonery to ask, why is the information age actually a gossiping economy?

I now realize in esteem the gossip economy keeps people dividing looking outside ourselves, always thinking when somebody else has something going on that’s more challenging you, you got a good life.

Yet really, when you gossip, you’re clueless about what’s going on in the other people. And I’m going to be right up front honest about this. I was the best gossiper there was, but I grew up in a small town and gossiping was the main way of communication. And 98% of it was lies.

 The other 2% were just whatever it was. But when we gossip about others, we’re really jealous and envy of them. And that was me, I’ll admit this. You know, that’s something I really, really opened up to. The more I admit all the goofy gunk within me, I get to laugh at it as laugh is liberation, appreciation, unleashing galvanizing hellraisers to tenacity to enjoy life.

 Yet when you can laugh at the gas, you let go of the goofy gunk with inside you. You know, and today, you know, they got the click baits on the internet. People get on the internet, spew propaganda about whatever they think will get them clicks.


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