7 Ways Why I Image My Inspirations

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7 Ways Why I Image My Inspirations

I show me my pristine scenery of my dreams, desired lifestyle, and accomplished outcomes in living colors on my third eye movie screen to experience my plush panorama movies of now. How do you like that

To instantly listen and witness the plush panoramic movies of now. Because it dissolves and sheds and shreds all the many movies of your overthinking mind. You  to entertain brain to color you subconscious scenery, taking the word mind and mindset out of your life and use featureless scenery for mind and scenarios, forthright for mindset.

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7 Ways Why I Image My Inspirations

I’ve awakened to is instead of thinking and knowing, you want to image the inspirations and express the intuition of them inspirations that’ll rise you out of your thinking, knowing, memory, mind.

I’m awakened and aware of the dare to image my inspirations, rising me out of my thinking, knowing, self -taught, camouflage limitations, parents’ way of life, and ancestor survival mode mindsets, and third world enslaving ways. So, I awaken to understand and admit, everything I think and know is attached to my way of life.

Instilled from yesterday, thinking and knowing, and a silent, controlling power to train people to follow what other people wanted them to know and understand. Then when somebody says or tells somebody, think anything outside of that, people get defensive because it’s beyond their viewpoints, opinions, and beliefs. That’s something I really want to express to people.

As I rise out of your opinions, viewpoints, and beliefs because when things are going to, when you’re going to rise up the now, all your viewpoints, opinions, beliefs come from yesterday. Well, pick me, I was good at that. Jesus, I was stuck on everything. I think in no stubborn, hard headed, yeah, I did it good though. I was pretty proud of myself at that time.

Now I won’t wind my mind in, I thought, I think I understand. It wasn’t so shiny. But everything you think you know, keeps you stuck in yesterday. And the more I open up to this because the now has its own images, visions, descriptions, and all the divine grandeur of your life.


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