7 Ways Why Life Mirrors Trees

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7 Ways Why Life Mirrors Trees

So you can laugh and make a joke or make a humorous thing out of it, it breaks that pattern of all the turbulent tornadoes within yourself. Because all the turbulence in your life is up here and down here.

When you open up to be the tree of free, you tantalize rebellious, enterprising elegance to dance through life. That’s something we’re always afraid to dance with our trauma and our challenges. But challenges, trauma, drama, all that is all manmade because we made it in ourselves. But adversity, controversy, challenge and chaos are awakenings.

When you can admit all the unsavory stuff that’s happening out here, or you think is out here, is actually in here. When you can admit to that, you can get rid of it. To adaciously adventure through life with a trendsetting tenacity and adventurous audacity allows you to have the courage.

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7 Ways Why Life Mirrors a Tree

Why life mirrors a tree because we all start out as seedlings, and we grow from there. Yet something about the tree is rooted in the earth and when we don’t feed the roots the top of the tree dies. As you observe and witness life today, we have stopped feeding the roots of our country and that’s the people.

People are the assets of the world. And so when we stop feeding them and looking at them as equals, we’re like the tree, it dies. But however, when you feed the roots of the tree and the trunk of the tree, you get the greenery and the leafing out. But we have forgot when you stop taking care of each other, the world stops. But a tree grows in silence.

As we expand and grow in wisdom in silence. And silence is spiritual intuition, loving every day, naturally celebrating the enterprising wizardry of ourselves. As the tree, it grows and it can become a giant sequoia. Just like your wisdom, insight and clarity allow you to be a giant sequoia in all your pristine artistry and pageantry. However, we get to overthinking everything about life.

We get caught up in the box of what everything we think and know and everything you think and know comes from yesterday. As you open up to listen in the silence, extreme intuitive, legendary, enterprising nirvana canonizing that effrontery will thrills within you. As a tree expands and grows, it becomes more majestic. As your wisdom, insight, clarity, intuition, imagination, innovation expand, you grow in majestic magic.

See, people are the assets of the world, just like the trees put on the beauty on a mountainside. As you look out, driving down the road and you look up and you see all the beauty of a mountain, well the mountain is on the bottom and the trees make the beauty. And do the skylines of the divine, daredevilry, set yourself free. Well really, we forget that it’s people.


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