7 Ways Why Pure Liberation Liberates Now


7 Ways Pure Liberation to stop healing the past liberating the now Why do you and me unknowingly try to heal the past because we are afraid of the present moment magic within me to liberate and xperience my now? Why is healing the past having one foot in yesterday and one foot on a banana peel sliding back into yesterday? To understand your Inspired Inner Dialog plays a part in your daily actions and responses because I understand life is innocent as I admit my thinking knowing inner dialog and subconscious mind frozen in time representations makes my life guilty.

As I xpress my liberating lingo of xpand energize enterprise xperience nowIbegin nowIwon with fun as frees unparalleled nomadic nerve to blast out of my perfection programming that created my comfort zone apathy to communicate away my parents beliefs viewpoints and opinions. That unknowingly controlled my thinking know and thoughts that kept my camouflaged limitations controlling me from within that all passed away 1 minute ago. As I am awakenedaware my revolutionary revelations are my spirit prowess innergizing my free flowing inspirations intuition imagination innovation innerprising. The pristine images of panorama inspirations sketching coloring and describing your plush desired lifestyle and moneyed up accomplished outcomes now and forever more I soar.

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Pure Liberation stop healing the past to liberate the now awakens your flowing inspirations that innergizes your wisdom insight and inspiration that awakens your venturers verve innerprizes your spirit sovereignty. That excites your nomadic nerve that energizes your explorer curiosity to realize and admit stop being a servant to your past. Why is healing the past having one foot in yesterday and one foot on a banana peel sliding back into yesterday? Pure liberation opens the way for you to rise out your past through your present moment xperiences. To sassily xpress I liberate me from me and my viewpoints opinions beliefs childhood parents beliefs school years and ancestor survival mode mindsets to rise of free flowing energy.

Inspired Inner Dialog awakens you to understand your  inner dialog is in cahoots with my thinking knowing mind and subconscious mind frozen in time representations all speak the same language moving you in the same direction to keep you stuck in my comfort zone apathy. As  your inspired inner dialog instigates your campaigners wisdom innergizes you dreamers dexterity. To understand and admire your daily life streams sovereign trailblazer enterprising acumen colors your spectacular picturesque awakenings.

Life is Innocent As, I asked me why is life innocent? And then I awakened to understand and admit It’s my thinking my knowing and everything I did made it guilty life itself is innocent. It’s when we throw in all of our human annoyances and our own Yonkity gunk is one it is I want this, I’m mad about this, I’m going to pout. That is what it is. Life itself is innocent. But we put all of our selfishness, our hate, our anger, revenge thinking, I want this, they have that and I don’t. We put that, that’s what makes life guilty. But life is innocent, I make it guilty. Blame, shame, all that goes into it. So when I awaken to life is innocent,

Liberating Lingo is my innerprising wisdom xpressing my liberating lingo. I wrote a class called liberating lingo because I discovered change, heal, create, transformation and forgiveness kept me swirling in the same place because change, heal, create, transformation keep the many movies of the events, the encounters and everything alive and generating whatever emotions feelings and the many subconscious movies of that event. And I rose to understanding, expand, energize, enterprise, experience and appreciation to rise out of the movie, the mini movie, to open up to my pristine movie of the now. That way I can color the movie and expand of it. Expand is grand. There’s pain and change.

Blasted Out of Perfection Programming I blatantly blasted out of perfection programming the school system mom and dad wanted me to do was my glue of never do trying to fit into socialized followocracy corporate sheepleocracy. Trying to friends with people that never wanted to friends with me called cliquish herdocracy stepping in my I was never good enough turdocracy I instantly flushed down the drain along with. All my snapshot sabotage blaming shaming pain cleared my veins of gamers gumption to realize and esteem the instant I open the of paths of my accomplished outcomes the universe maestro and my mystique energizes my innerprising mystical mysteries

Rouse Out of My Parents Beliefs I awakened to understand, I encompassed my parents’ viewpoints, opinions, beliefs, and the way they did things. But even though I thought I was independent from them and all that, but I realized when from the womb to five years old, I imprinted everything they said and did. As I started having, I admitted to myself, and I started witnessing my life as I admitted I did a lot of things exactly the way they did even though I didn’t want to admit it to myself. That is something I really want to open people up to is admit and appreciate your parents and awaken to everything they’ve done for you. My parents did so much for me

Revolutionary Revelations Why I listen to my revolutionary revelations coloring my majestic murals of my desired lifestyle on my third eye reels as the worldly landscape as my canvas of my dreams.  I’m awakened and aware of the dare. To understand admit my physical world is innocent and my Safari can communicate communicating with mystifying individualist and individualist is someone who does as they wish and I’m constrained by external influences, mysterious messes, baffling riddles, unfathomable confusion within me, because the outside world just shows me to things and it’s just presenting something to expand me.



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