7 Ways Why Fear is My Subconscious Mind Security Guard

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7 Ways Why Fear is My Subconscious Mind Security Guard

As my free flowing energy of your spirit, prowess, heart, soul, energy and my intuition, imagination, inspiration, innovation, and your unique talents, that’s all above the security guard. As the security guard, when you’ve got that, is going to lock the door on you. And it’s going to put up a fight with yourself. See, that’s the thing I really understand. We are just fighting this or fighting that, trying to have a war on this. But really all we do is keep our own aggravation inside ourselves a lot.

As security guard, he’s good at his job. Whatever the hell that is. No, but my security guard’s good because when anything intimidates me out here, he pulls me back to my comfort zone.

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7 Ways Why Fear is My Subconscious Mind Security Guard

I waken to this yesterday. You know, everybody says conquer fear, fear is false evidence appearing real. No, fear is a subconscious security guard because it’s kept you safe sometime in your life.

As I opened to that and I says, yeah, and you know, and so I opened up to that and I said, God, that’s when I went from fear as something I didn’t understand. Nobody really understands. Yet when I took it from there to being a security guard, I awakened to understand I can communicate with it. Fear is a subconscious representation from somewhere.

As you understand it’s a security guard, you can start communicating with yourself and rising out of it because you’re never going to conquer fear. Fear is never going to be overcome out here, out in the real world. Fear is something you communicate away internally.

As I opened to that and I said, my fears and insecurities, are my comfort zone to my subconscious mind. I said, what? And I said, wow. As I awaken to the wisdom, optimism, and the winds of liberation. Because when you understand all your insecurity and everything in your life, your drama, trauma, drama, all your revenge thinking is a security guard to your subconscious and to you.

A lot of things happen out there that we have no really way of understanding how it got into our closet of calamities within ourselves. Because the subconscious mind is a foul cabinet closet, whatever you want. But I call it my closet of calamities. Now I get to clear and clean out the doubt in my closet of calamities. How does that feel? Clean out my closet.


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