7 Ways I Stopped Letting Life Intimidate Me


7 Ways I Stopped Letting Life Intimidate Me

I’ve opened up to understanding, I listen for the clarity feeling and xperiencing  my peace and prosperity to omni-comprehend the wisdom and insight of my daily life. I liberate internal freedoms every day to dance on my dreamer’s paradises because I rolled the dice of my gambler’s gumption to understand I’m an ambling, autonomous, awesome person every day.

As I  now the institutionalized education has camouflage limitations. Because everything in the education system, as good as it is, is what everybody else wants you to know, think, do, and how they want you to act in society. There is no liberating lingo, there’s no liminal carpet glide, it’s pretty much a comfort zone of what everybody else thinks you should know and do. So when you stop being intimidated by your daily life,

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7 Ways I Stopped Letting Life Intimidate Me

I stopped letting life Intimidate me now this show is going to be spoken in first person and third person So listen as you as you spoke to yourself As I opened up to admit I let the outside world control me and intimidate me because.

Of my insecurities my surroundings between the womb and five years old is how my parents talked and all through high school and stuff. How your parents handled unsavory situations is the way you embedded them and so that’s the way you may handle them today, may never be you but I did.

I can only speak about myself and that’s why I really speak in first person a lot because I never want to take my viewpoints, opinions, beliefs. and the way I look at life into your life. So that’s why I speak in rhymes and unpunctuated, writings and things like that.

So I never put my thinking, knowing, memory, mind and all my limitations in your life. I desired to be open-ended so you expand of your face and embrace, facilitate or participate prowess to expand your life. As I now understand, I did for a long time let

my level of education and my parents and the way they did things, imitate me or intimidate me internally because they felt inadequate.

That was the biggest lie I ever told myself. Everybody has an equal wisdom to everybody. It’s when you start trying to be into that, comparing yourself to other people and categorizing yourself in a situation. that is where the bituations of the complainers’ drain begin. As I opened up to understand, it was my insecurity was a comfort zone so I could bitch and belly ache.



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