7 Ways Why Think and Know block the Flow of Inspiration

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7 Ways Why Thinking and Knowing Blocks the Flow of Inspiration

How’s is AI stealing the innovative wisdom of people? That’s where I opened up to that by understanding what spell check did to me. Spell check stole my ability to spell, because I allowed it to. Don’t blame spell check, but I really want to understand. I love my native wisdom, insight, and my flow of foresight, and my foresight fortitude to expand through life, because everything in a computer is artificial.

As that’s something you’re starting to really notice. The world has become very artificial and thinking, no, and the something that we’re really, we think with a computer we’re perfect. But the only people that don’t make a mistake is somebody with an eraser sitting on the couch, never does anything, a backspace and a delete button on a computer.

The physical world is going to show you your life liberating invitations through the challenges, chaos, and all the unsavory events and encounters and experience you energize in your life. And something else, I never create anything, I energize it. Energize it, enterprise it, innovate it.

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7 Ways Why Thinking and Knowing Blocks the Flow of Inspiration

I’m awakened and aware of the dare to understand myth, thinking no block the flow of listening, inspiration, innovation, intuition, imagination, spirit prowess, heart acuity, soul acumen, and sovereign valor.

Calling the quality of conversation keeping me stuck inside my status quo, whoa, as I realize and admit, I think you know my way to yesterday and everything I think you know was instilled for me from my womb to seven years old, the education system and everything is secondhand information.

 All education is secondhand information. The only, the present moment, gifts or your intuition, imagination, innovation, spirit, prowess, heart, acuity, soul, acumen, sovereign, valor, because that’s flows here. You listen for that you think and know in a noisy mind. It’s a noisy nosy mind, because you’re always trying to stick your nose in somebody else’s business.

Then you always come out of it dizzy. And that’s something I really expanded to giving myself permission to rise out of my think and know that blocks to flow of inspiration. As I understand everything we think and know, and everything written in a book is what somebody else wants you to think and know.

As every book that is punctuated has the author’s knowledge, viewpoints, opinions, beliefs, their outlook and viewpoints of the world, their opinions and their limitations. I really rose out of listening to anything with the word program written in it.

As we’ve been programmed all our lives to follow what somebody else wants to know, think and do. Then we ended up in the clueless poopy doo. And see, the more I rise of this, it’s something I opened up to understand. All the AI out there is fantastic, yet that’s how’s it going to take talent from the people how’s it stealing the innovative wisdom of people?


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