7 Ways Why Thinking Outside the Box is a Lie

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7 Ways Why Thinking Outside the Box is a Lie

As I opened up to this, I really started to understand I am the limitations in my life. My viewpoints, my opinions, trying to fit into society, my education, all that is my limitations. Listening is liberating internal splendor today enjoying now.

You can listen your way to the penthouse. Think, and alk your way to the outhouse. That’s happened to me several times. Still does. You know, that’s the thing about admitting to appreciate yourself. You can laugh at yourself. I laugh at me, I’m free. You know.

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7 Ways Why Thinking Outside the Box is a Lie

I’m a sovereign awakened to understand and admit everything I learned in school creates inside the box thinking and knowing. And I learned everything from the outside world. So everything inside the educational system has limitations because there is zero wisdom in education.

Wisdom is from practical or physical or any way the experiences of life. Everything I learned in school is what other people wanted me to know. And with their camouflage, limitation, viewpoints, opinions, beliefs, and whatever was written in that book by somebody else is what I was taught to believe and that’s the way life was.


As I really discovered is everything you think and know is from yesterday. And everything you think and know is a mini movie of yesterday or whatever happened yesterday. The more I opened to thinking and knowing was a camouflage limitation until I opened to understand it. As you think and know, look how quiet and how locked inside you are on something that happened in your life.

You think and know your way to yesterday. But what I really understand is you can never think outside of the box because the box is your thinking and everything you learned. And if you really look at the world, we are boxed in whatever it is. And education is a foundation. Once you start thinking inside that education to, to innovate your life you become in the box of your thinking.

I really opened up to this as I first got into personal growth, I do all the chin try to change your thinking you can never change your thinking until you actually do something and with your inner dialogue because your inner dialogue can control your thinking and knowing the way you’ve done things and I just opened up to that as I opened up to it a long time ago, as  now I just understand it.

Your inner dialogue and your thinking mind go hand in hand. That’s why when you get aggravated, that little inner dialogue, yeah, it likes to poke and prod until you fly off the handle. Or if you’re inspiration, it’ll give you the inspired desire to light the fire of freedom within yourself. As I really opened to understand I will never ever think outside of the box by thinking.

As your thinking, knowing memory mind is a mini movie of repeating whatever happened because your comfort or your subconscious mind thinks that what you desire and that your comfort zone, it has no reasoning or anything. So when you really want to rise out of the thinking memory mind, you listen to your flowing inspiration, intuition, imagination, and images of your desired lifestyle.


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