Why I Refuse to Lose to Me?

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Why I Refuse to Lose to Me?

Why I refuse to lose to me because I understand and admireI never lose to the physical world; I lose to me because I refuse to listen and harken and adhere to the wisdom and insight of my daily life.

So I lose to me by never listening. Listening is a winning. Thinking, knowing and learning and egotistical arrogance know it all. ignorance is a losing. Being unwilling to maneuver myself forward is where I lose in life. I don’t lose externally, I lose internally.

Because everything in the physical world is an awakening. It’s to awaken our adventurous wisdom, appreciating keen, enterprising nirvana. It’s to celebrate our life. But we are so taught to win and lose in the external world.

I lose in my inner world because of my ineptness, stubbornness, egotistical arrogance, know-it-all ignorance, want to look good in other people’s eyes.

Really, I was afraid to listen and admit that there was something bigger and bolder than I had within me. I was stuck in my viewpoints, opinions, and beliefs, and beliefs are thieves.

So I was really the thief of my own dreams and my own extravagances because I was afraid to listen, to glisten the genuine liminal intuitions stimulating, trendsetting energy now.


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