Why I Stopped Healing the Past To Liberate My Now?

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Why I Stop Healing the Past Liberate to Now?

All we have is now. Even though that event may happen in our conscious mind previously, the subconscious representation is awake and alive now.

As I kept trying to heal the past, you keep all the memories of the past awake and controlling today. And then when you’re trying to change something or heal something, that subconscious mind representation is very active here and now.

You’re trying to expand out of subconscious mind representations with the thinking memory mind triggered and it is controlled from yesterday. You think you know your way to yesterday. So that’s why I stopped healing the past, liberating my now, to give myself permission to rise out of my parents’ way of life, my ancestors’ school system, all of society.

I began to understand my daily life is occurring for me as I rise out of my past. As I liberate me from me. I am free of past. As I now understand and admit my subconscious mind was in its comfort zone.

As you’re trying to change something, the memories of that situation are active and you’re trying to instill something new. So I really understand now to rise out of the past and liberate to now, you go to the beginning of that situation and you don’t even have to go back, but you go back to the beginning and it’s all present moment.


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