7 Ways Why Blue Collar Leadership

#I_Am awakenedaware of the dare to listen witness and observe my life through neutral nirvana opens my eyes of listening to hearken my unique life’s liberation invitations that rises me onto my paths […]

I Rouse Out of My Instuitionalized Educations Control

#I_Awakened my heart warrior unleashed my indigenous ingenuity rises my onto my mountains of mysterious bliss as I boldly listen intuitively stimulating sovereign valor to flow through my artistic arteries […]

Optimized Wise

#I_Now taste sweet breezes of leisure flow through my body with ease as I relax I sensing my tranquil inlightenmint flow thru my veins of fame feeling awesome majestically elegant […]

Emancipation ZenZation

#​I_Feel my frequencies of easy​ leisure luxury​ flow through me today & everyday in every way as I now understand & admire my nowfound felicity excites my wanders charm to […]

My Now Vows

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Regal Resiliency

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Received Blessings

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Dare Me

#I_Won in 21 so I let go of being paralyzed by pandemic paranoia that kept my panicking mind busy till now as I now realize & admire my fiery foresight […]

Dissolving Perfection

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Experience the Now

Rob with Cowboy Wisdom never tells people how to change their life… Rob with Cowboy Wisdom shows people the way Rob expanded energized and enterprises his day to day life… […]