I AM Awakened

#Good_Morning as I open my eyes of enterprising wizardry waking ingenious zeal aggrandizing rebellious dreamers resplendence yazzajazzes my grit get and go to through a hellacious party feeling my prime […]

Energized and Wise

#I_Gleam gratitude love energizing appreciation majestically maturing my inner paradises of peace to allow other people to be who they are as I encompass the willpower to say No to […]

Listening Enthusiast

#I_AM my life of Riley feeling rich internally love everyday yazzajazzes my daily stroll thru life with sassy trailblazers optimistic lore lionized my imaginative wizardry so I waltz intuitively zestful […]


#I_Now realize & admit my heart rises to all occasions as my gut gumption is my cavalry of energy entrusting my gallant emotions & forthright feelings that lift me upward […]

Happy New Year to You

#I_Opened my wandering eyes to 2021 instantly undone 2020 let’s fly my fervor lore yeses my nowborn bravery to stroll thru my nunow with numen nerve trusting my trailblazer resolve […]