Why Education is Limitation?

#I_Now realize the wisdom of listening as all education is limitations because education is outside knowledge from vailled trolls that control the world all education is what somebody else wants […]

Streaming Listening

#I_Am awakenedaware listening communicates away the dismay of self help personal growth self improvement and psychology written books as I admit I can never listen think and know at the […]

Aerodynamic Liberating Lingo

#I_Rouse today with aerodynamic liberating lingo lasers frequencies of freedom rebelliously energizing quixotic ubiquitous enterprising nomadic canny innovative endeavors streaming my sassy trendsetter revelations entertains animated mystical intuitive numinous genius calming […]

I Stopped Listening to the Media

#I_Awakened to understand gushing grandeur of my sovereign visionary wizardry sprees my spirit gifts of genuine innovative foresight tantalizing safari savvy to grasp my life is a vibrant voyager xperiencing lionizing […]

I Flow of Inspiration

#I_Listened to my enlivened eloquence neons lyrical intuitive visionary enterprising nirvana energizing divine daredevilry jubilees my jovial ubiquitous brilliance instigates legendary engendering elegant savvy xpressing my liberating inspiration wisdom & […]

I Stream My Dreams

#I_Rise of risk takers inspiration streaming endeavoring sightseer investigator curiosity unleashes marveling miracle ingenuity unsheathes my movie maker imagination images my third eye movie screens with my moneyed up accomplished outcomes […]

I rise Out of My Ancestors Enslaved Mindsets

#Inner_Freedom flows through my autonomous arteries sprees my spirit poetic revelations xpress emancipating lyrics singing my songs of sovereign opulent nomadic gumption stimulates my innate innovative wizardry decrees my dreamers […]

Admit Appreciate Awaken

#I_Now grasp people propel enterprising optimistic legendary xtravaganzas clearing the way for peace to flow through earths airwaves calming people’s innermost nowquility naturally opens wealthy healthy fun to feeling liberated […]

I Rouse of Struggle

#I_Rise of rich internal splendor enshrines my divine daredevilry that sprees my spirit prowess revolutionizes enterprising endeavoring savvy to grasp & admire my fiery desire decrees I dance everyday celebrating […]