I Rouse Out of Internet Gossip

#I_Rocketed out of the medicated larceny that business and education will raise the world out third world enslaving mindset from our ancestors survival mode mindsets and to prosperity was fallacy […]

I Liberated Me From Failure

#I_Now grasp all my external world shows me my internal blockages barriers and limitations because I taught myself I change my life on my physical plane was my egotistical stuck […]

Paramount Revelations

#Today_Is the day I rebellious out of myself torment of my overthinking mind that wound and bound me in socialized stressed out in doubt pouting about everything is owed to […]

Rise Innergize Innerprize

#I_Grasp my supreme gallantry sprees my spirit prowess revolutionizes everyday xtravaganzas celebrating my here and now with wow avows I Am awesome visionary omnific wealthy splendor glides me to ride […]

Rising Out of Media Manipulation

#I_Innerprised my sovereign sassy tenacity to realize and admire anything written or spoken in my physical world me zilch to me because I now encompass the gut gumption to listen for […]

Mature Sovereignty

#I_Am awakenedaware of my debonair flair frees literary artistic inspired revelations that rise me onto my mountain tops of trailblazer optimistic poise streams my esteemed innerprising wizardry sprees my spirit […]

I Am Sovereign

#I_Rise of inspiration clears yesterday’s debris sprees sovereign peace enjoying everyday serenity within me now and forever more

7 Ways Why Blue Collar Leadership

#I_Am awakenedaware of the dare to listen witness and observe my life through neutral nirvana opens my eyes of listening to hearken my unique life’s liberation invitations that rises me onto my paths […]

I Rise of Appreciation

#I_Am awakenedaware of the dare to dauntlessly appreciate me for my and my sovereign talents to laugh at my life’s liberating invitations feeling energized and wise surprises me with my […]

Sovereign Liberation

#I_Am awakenedaware of the dare to understand and admit education and business has stolen the sovereignty of my country as I now understand the bigger lie the more you tell […]